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Antalya Property prices and foreign Buyers
Antalya was the first place I visited in Turkey and I absolutely loved the colour of the turquoise blueish green sea.

I ended up buying in Altinkum on a whim and on first impressions didn't find it as beautiful as Antalya, but the property prices seemed more competitive! It's obviously grown on me now.

So how much are new and re-sale properties start at in Antalya? say from 2-bedroom upwards?

Also, is it like Altinkum with a large population of British buyers? When I holidayed there a few years ago I found a mix of visitors german, swedish, russian, Irish and British of course. Personally, think its more healthy to have mix of foreign buyers in the market, better for re-sales attracts a wider audience and values.


Antalya Property prices and foreign Buyers
Hi newhorizon, Im househunting in Antalya at the moment too :) A friend just bought a nice 2 bed apt in Konyaalti, 5 mins from the beach in a nice area for 75,000 TL and Im looking at 3 bed duplexes for around 90-100,000 TL which I think is pretty good, you have to add maybe another 10-15K if you want one on a complex with a pool but theres higher maintenance fees obviously.

There doesnt seems to be as many scams and overpricing in the main part of Antalya either as its not just for foreign buyers so you get the same deals Turks do.

I love it here and youre right a mix of nationalities adds a great "flavour" to the place and also keeps the market bouyant, with loads of new belidiye developments (and the hollywood stars coming here now, unfortunately my invite for the Mardan Palace opening didnt come through in time) I dont think the prices will be low for long.


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Antalya Property prices and foreign Buyers
There are 1 bedroom duplex apartments in Lara just 500 m to the sea, as low as 20,000 Euros..! You can enjoy a property in paradise for smaller digits ! and even rent it out for years. Now is a good time to make a move in Antalya, while the 2009 market prices are still pre-mature. Wishing you a great time in Turkey.
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