Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
Following the murder of Sarah Everard and the protests that followed, he is now suggesting placing plain clothes officers in nightclubs to identify potential dangerous men and to spend more on street lights and CCTV.
The potentially dangerous men do not readily give themselves away in nightclubs but usually appear on the streets or parks.
We have plenty of CCTV. It can work very well, but it can't be everywhere and does little to identify someone who is wearing certain clothing or headgear.
What we don't have is the deterrent on the streets in the form of Police officers. They can happily wear their uniforms instead of being in disguise and whilst no-one is asking for the return of Dixon of Dock Green with a little whistle to blow, most of the public, the good ones and the bad ones, will know that someone is actually out there instead of turning up after things have happened.
It is a bit rich for Boris to suggest that these plain clothes officers are going to be in any nightclubs, there aren't enough. He can't assure us that there will be more officers on the streets for the same reason and the numbers cut by Theresa May are nowhere near being replenished anytime soon.
On his final assurance, and presumably all these great initiatives will be in London only, he might wish to visit the Wakefield five towns area at night. Our council is rolling out a program of street light renewals, but not to light up the area better, but to reduce 'light pollution' at a cost of about £25 million, which is in the form of a loan to be paid over about 20 years.
Ours were recently replaced and instead of the glowing orange, we now see a white light. Unfortunately, the light does not spread over an area but is virtually pinpointed downwards covering a much restricted area than before. If street crime relied on a deterrent in the form of lighting, we have just had it seriously reduced.
Will Boris ever adequately address any of the issues he has raised? No way. Just another knee jerk PR reaction.


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Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
What about the innocent people who do not go to night clubs, but are using the streets to go about their business. What is Boris going to do for them? I can't see why we focus on nightclubs at all.


Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
Succinctly put Mush, and No Boris hasn't adequately addressed the issue ? The 2019 CPS inspectorate report on rape was lying on his desk and ignored, a bit like the 2016 report on the Pandemic exercise on preparedness ignored to our detriment ....

Even if the perpetrators were caught by undercover cops chance of them being convicted nearly zero ...

Fall in rape convictions 'due to justice system at breaking point'​

CPS inspectorate report says decline in England and Wales partly due to lack of resources
Owen Bowcott and Caelainn Barr
Tue 17 Dec 2019

The review of the CPS follows alarm over the rapid rise of rape allegations.

The steep decline in rape convictions in England and Wales is partially due to a lack of resources which has left the criminal justice system “close to breaking point”, a damning inspectorate report has found.

The 195-page study by HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI) also criticised prosecutors for making intrusive, unnecessary demands for complainants’ mobile phones and medical records.

It was commissioned as part of an emergency, ‘End-to-End’ rape review overseen by the National Criminal Justice Board (CJB), which brings together the Ministry of Justice, Home Office, law enforcement agencies and senior members of the judiciary.

The detailed study did not identify a single cause but pointed to a complex of problems. Its clearest conclusion - that police and prosecutors have been deprived of funding - emerged as Boris Johnson’s new administration pledges to recruit more police officers.

“Police and CPS have seen significant reductions in their resources,“ the report stated.

“[The criminal justice system] has been under-resourced so that it is close to breaking point. In the case of the police, it may have gone beyond that, and ... the number of rape allegations lost in the investigative process is damning.”

Requests for forensic examination of phones, for example, are taking up to 11 months to complete.

The report also found that lawyers in the CPS’s Rape and Serious Sexual Offences units were overstretched.


Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
The first thing to do is to change the language focus. It's directed away from the perpetrator.

At the moment, it's all passive, so it's always reported as 'a woman was raped/attacked/ stalked, etc' . This focusses on the woman as a victim, not the perpetrator. As there's only a woman mentioned the question inevitably arises; what was she doing for this to happen?

I'll bet that if reports were framed to say 'last year x numbers of men raped /attacked/stalked women' people would react differently. The change of language changes the focus.


Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
Perhaps as he attempts to recruit more officers he might look for individuals with common sense and ability to think for themselves rather than the box ticking requirements deployed today. It has been the case for many years that the future Chief Constable is regarded as the proud recipient of a degree in basically anything, with no intentions of actually going outside but armed with enough mission statements and key performance indicators to propel them up the ranks where decisions are made using the politics of the day, not the demands of the public.
I cannot speak for all forces, but my former neighbour has two sons. One joined the force with his degree to attain £24,000 per year.
The other joined without a degree on £21,000 a year to complete a 3 year probation before any future pay rise.
I can think of a lot of jobs offering that wage, without shift work or having to meet some of the dregs of society on a regular basis and that is why for his offer of peanuts, Boris is recruiting Monkeys who probably won't last longer than a year.


Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
Priti Patel desperate to put political distance between herself and the Met Chief on the vigil debacle and on the Govts present inept laws on Violence against Women . We have Ms Patel demanding a probe into the Police's conduct, and blaming their changing Police protest tactics at the vigil , she is also in the Metro voicing her "Heartache over Sarah" promising to make women's fears over violence her priority ...

This is the same Home Office head Pate,l whose new key crime bill and sentencing legislation is asking for 10 years for defacing a Statue, whilst rape of a woman the average sentence is 5 years ... priorities ?

This was the same Home office Head that called on the Police, she is now shifting the blame to, on their changing tactics , when it was her that asked for the tougher stance on covid breakers , anti racism and climate change protester ,she warned the Police to get Tough... No wonder Police morale is low, unable to Police in an ever changing policy.....

Oh ! and if you want to protest against her and her Government the new Bill could ban your Protest on how loud it would be ... Yes, under her new law a protest could be banned on Noise...
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Another knee jerk reaction from Boris ?
I think mushroom makes a good point, I was not aware the majority of rapes happen in nightclubs, I thought they happened on the streets or by abductions.
Meanwhile plainclothes policemen are sitting in clubs. It's the old question when did you last see any police around your streets?

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