Another airport rumor?
Alanya waits for airport permission
Tuesday, July 17, 2007

ALANYA - Turkish Daily News

Kerim Aydoğan, president of Aydoğan A.Ş., recently applied for a permission from the Ministry of Transport to build a new airport in Alanya. It is expected that the outcome of the application will become clear once the new government has been formed.

Although Alanya has an airport at Gazipaşa, it is not used. Some claim that the airport, which was has been 90 percent complete since 2002, is located too close to the mountains for planes to land safely, and that its runways are too short. But others accuse the business circles of Antalya for sabotaging the license of Gazipaşa airport to safeguard their own benefits. However, even if the airport was opened to traffic, it is unlikely that it would serve international passengers.

Aydoğan told the Turkish Daily News that he decided to file an application to build the airport to ease up travel to the town. “At present passengers to Alanya can use only the Antalya airport, which is almost two hours away. This reduces the tourism potential of Alanya. For those who have bought property in the town an airport nearby would make life much easier,” he said.

Aydoğan suggested three different locations for the new airport - one near Gazipaşa, one between Alanya and Manavgat and one in Cebelireis, each 30 minutes from the town center.

Alanya is one of the most popular resorts in Turkey. Approximately one million foreign tourists visit the town each year.

British support:

Aydoğan is prepared to invest 200 million euros in the project and has also the support of a British company. “If our application is approved, building the airport will provide work for 40 architects and 135 technicians. Our goal is to open the airport to traffic in March 2009,” he said.

He also said the new airport will not reduce the tourism revenues of Antalya. On the contrary, it will contribute positively to the development of the industry in the region. “An airport in Alanya will, of course, mean that tourism arrivals will be distributed more equally throughout the region. But it will also motivate tourists to visit the Alanya-Antalya region more than just one time as transport becomes easier and they have a variety of choices,” he said.

Many local residents also point out that most tourists who use Antalya as their base take trips to Alanya, Manavgat and other resorts in the region in any case and therefore the claims of losses of income for Antalya are unfounded.

Alanya Municipality has warmly welcomed the initiative. “Improved transportation links will be a major benefit for the town, its residents and its economy,” Abdullah Karaoğlu, member of Alanya City Council and chairman of Tourism Commission, told the TDN.
Another airport rumor?
thats great news for alanya..and especially beyond..its been suggested before that Manavgat would be a good area..or in the Gazipaşa the one there has been full of controversy from the start..and its not able to take international flights.
..i remember the Bodrum area before the airport was built there and the trek from izmir or Dalaman was off putting...the airport made a huge difference to the ease of travelling to the Bodrum peninsula
if Gazipaşa was selected it would open a lot of resorts further on down from there especially Anamur and Aydıncık which have a lot to offer and are gagging for the revenue international tourism would bring.
the Anamur area has tremendous it takes about two hours from much less from Gazipaşa.
there is a huge area from Antalya down to the next nearest airport at Adana...which although the area has tourists especially turkish its not enough to ease the unemployment problems
..i read a recent report by the mayor of Anamur where he said their area had the least foreign tourists along the mediteranean....
my vote would go to the Gazipaşa area.
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Another airport rumor?
Well it's been along time in the making but i'm sure, "hopefully"
that an airport will come to the area within the next 5 years.

As said this will open up tourism but will also mean more highrise hotels
and apartments putting the cost of properties even higher.

Lets just wait and see ?


Another airport rumor?
It would be good news for Alanya - but would there be direct flights from the UK ? If there were, probably only from London...


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Another airport rumor?
i'm led to beleive that as Antalya airport is privately owned by a German company they hold alot of power within the Turkish Government with regards to allowing another airport to serve to more southern areas of Turkey.


Another airport rumor?
Hi Mark. Antalya Airport is still owned by the Turkish Goverment but has leased the Terminal operations to Fraport.They are indeed a German Company and they are also the owners of Frankfurt Airport.They do not have a lease on all Antalya Terminals until 2009 when they will have the lease for the new Terminal 2.



Another airport rumor?
My estage agent has emailed me to say that an operator has got the go ahead to open Gazipasa airport. Is this true?


Another airport rumor?
shirleyanntr said:
i wouldnt put any money on it..its had more rumours in its time than i have!

A Turkish-Austrian group have obtained a licence to fly aircraft with a maximum capacity of 40 passengers, whether they use it or not is unknown at this time.



Another airport rumor?
So do we still keep spreading rumors or what?

From Turkish Daily News

TAV focuses strategy on boutique airports
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ISTANBUL – Turkish Daily News

Tepe Akfen Airports Holding (TAV) is planning to focus more on Turkey's smaller airports in the future.

�In the next five years part of our strategy will be to create boutique airports,� said TAV Executive Board Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. M. Sani Şener.

�These airports will be low-cost airports in terms of investment and management expenses, but full of foreign passengers. We began to implement this concept with the recent opening of Batumi Airport in Georgia. We are now planning to apply the same strategy to the Antalya Gazipaşa Airport," Şener said.

�TAV Airports Holding has experience and accumulated knowledge in managing airports. With the creation and development of boutique airports in Turkey and in our region we will provide a way to create new international flight destinations.�

Under the terms of the contract TAV will pay $50,000 a year in rent and remit value added tax (VAT) and 65 percent of its profits to the Turkish government over the next 25 years.

The Antalya Gazipaşa Airport was completed in 1999. At present, it has an annual capacity for 500,000 passengers. The size of the terminal building is 2,144 square meters and the car park has a 105-car capacity. Gazipaşa is located 180 kilometers from Antalya and only 15 kilometers from the resort town of Alanya. At present the area is served by Antalya International Airport. Although attempts have been made in the past, serious investment is needed to improve the existing airport. When the airport is modified, it will serve Alanya, Kemer, Side and Manavgat.

TAV began in the civil aviation sector with the goal of providing �ten airports in ten years.� At present TAV operates airports in Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, and in Tbilisi and Batumi in Georgia.

For forty years starting in 2008 TAV will also operate Habib Bourguiba airport at Monastir and is building and airport in Enfidha, Tunisia, which will open in 2009.

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