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Annoying Fellow Passengers
What do we do that most annoys our fellow aircraft passengers? According to recent surveys, these are the most annoying things for us as airline passengers;

1 A child kicking your seat
2 A screaming child
3 People who talk non-stop
4 People with bad breath/BO
5 Passengers being rude/aggressive to cabin crew
6 Those eating smelly food or eating noisily
7 Smelly feet
8 Drunken passengers
9 Person in front reclining their chair without even asking
10 Sneezers and coughers.

So what's yours?

Sources: Travelcity and TripAdvisor



Annoying Fellow Passengers
Yes the screaming children drives me mad too, though you can't help but feel sorry for them, they didn't ask to be dumped in a, no doubt, frightening environment of a plane and taken to an unsuitably hot country for 2 weeks!
Next worse thing is obese people overflowing into your seat! Not only is it unpleasant to see, it is also damned uncomfortable to sit next too - and they're taking more weight onboard.
Its time airlines weighed luggage PLUS luggage owner and stipulated a maximum weight alowance on that basis.


Annoying Fellow Passengers
Those who can't do without their laptop for a few hours.They jump up to get it from the overhead as soon as possible,holding it aloft,Del boy style,so everyone can see it,come on get a life.


Annoying Fellow Passengers
Its time airlines weighed luggage PLUS luggage owner and stipulated a maximum weight alowance on that basis.

We had this before on the forum. So the 6'8" super fit man at 16st of pure muscle pays more than a 4'8" 14st porker of a man?
Annoying Fellow Passengers
1) A large family of several kids and parents leaving their area of the plane looking like our council waste tip on a good day!!!
My kids never did so whats the difference now!!

2)Those people who spend the whole flight wandering up and down the gangway.

3)Those people who dont use the toilet the whole flight and as soon as the "Seatbelt" sign lights up and the "Prepare for landing" announcement is made,THEY SUDDENLY WANT TO GO!!!!.

4)Those people who seem to have the only overhead locker in the whole aircraft that WONT SHUT!! until an air hostess does it with one finger.

5) Sitting next to a businessman on a transatlantic flight who , in a space of 9 hours, spends an hour on his laptop, 7 hours sleeping sprawled everywhere plus the final hour complaining to all the cabin staff how the flight is 10 minutes late!!!

6)Nobody else sharing my enthusiasm to wake up and watch the sunrise at 5am on an overnight flight back from the States !! Lol (Tongue in cheek!!)

7) People in my party preferring to do puzzles as opposed to looking at the stunning views out of the window and ignoring them the whole trip!!
You can do puzzles in your lounge at home!! Lol (Tongue in cheek!!)

8) A couple of young ladies who talked through the ENTIRE 4 hour night flight without stopping to catch breath!! Lol
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Annoying Fellow Passengers
Apart from the screaming, kicking kids, the fatties that overflow into my space; the ones who wait for me to go to sleep before deciding they must go to the toilet then, when I'm wide awake, they go to sleep and snore and dribble. Oh yes, and the phantom inflight farters who seem to think it won't smell at 30,000 feet! Wrong so wrong!!!!!


Annoying Fellow Passengers
We have been here before,surely . Same answer as last time ie vociferous Ulstermen !

Alan Fidler

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Annoying Fellow Passengers
I was on a 9 hour flight back from Florida to the UK a few years ago, in a section with 3 seats, me in the middle, the isle seat empty... i though " bliss..!" plenty of room. 10 mins from take off and we're waiting for 3 passengers...
and here they came, a fat bloke and his wife who was almost as big as him and a screaming brat no older than 12 months.. where did he plonk his fat arse..?
You guessed it, right next to me..
He couldn't sit still all the way back... fidgeting and shuffling around every two seconds..and Christ did he have wind..! not only that his fat backside spilled into my seat and he wanted all the bloody elbow room too.. how i bit my tongue for 9 hours I'll never know..
It had to be the nightmare of all flights.

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Annoying Fellow Passengers
6)Nobody else sharing my enthusiasm to wake up and watch the sunrise at 5am on an overnight flight back from the States !! Lol (Tongue in cheek!!)

I stayed up on a flight from Mexico to see the statue of Liberty when we flew over NY. But, it was covered in fog !!

Annoying people are those that turn up late and drunk. So selfish !

ted j

Annoying Fellow Passengers
I really don't mind putting up with most of the above When i'm going on holiday 'cos i think of all the sunshine(hopefully) when i get there, But coming home, EVERYONE of the above . Also, why don't the crew start with duty free, etc at the middle of the plane and work outwards?, that way they wouldn't block access to both lots of toilets.


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Annoying Fellow Passengers
What l find most annoying is a person with that constant silly smile of their's staring at you that wants to look inside your duty free bag.

Do you dread the thought of a nutter sitting next to you on a plane,,You know the sort,where he loves to show you all his duty free,and blow raspberries in your ear constantly.

Thank god it hasn’t happened to me as yet,but my time will come when l look down the aisle as people are walking down the row towards me.Then you spot him, the nutter amongst the people moving down towards you.He stands out a mile,pissed out of his brain,shouting out l have a bomb in my bag,and l am related to Bin Laden.

The fear erupts inside you,hoping this nutter will pass and sit elsewhere.No of course he doesn’t,typical sods law,with all the people boarding the plane you wouldn’t mind sitting next to,it had to be this nutter.

He takes his seat next to you,and has now claimed ownership of the armrests.he’s constantly staring at you,with a goofy grin,where he shouts for all the people on board to hear,where he again repeated what he said before,,HEELLO!,WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY DUTY FREE,l have a bomb,and l am related to bin laden.

So,he digs out a bottle of spirits and says here is my bomb,want a drink,”no thanks”,but he persistant.This is when he laughs out loud,almost knocking you unconscious with the alcoholic fumes wafting over you.
My God,,thinking to yourself,will l last the duration of this flight,will l crack,where the flight attendants have to strap me to the seat to calm me down.

Once you have a nutter sitting next to you,it is just a matter of time for the nutter to pass his behaviour onto you,until you crack,and taken away to the funny farm.
Has anyone experienced some annoying passengers on the plane,or odd people sitting next to you.
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