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'Angel of Goodness' Slain
The Turkish press are calling her the angel of goodness. Arzu Erbas, a Turkish businesswoman living in Amsterdam, was stabbed to death near the creche she owned on Monday night.

She helped the poor in Turkey with the money she earned in Holland, and has received awards and an audience with the Dutch royal family for her charitable works.




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'Angel of Goodness' Slain
Thats really really sad . A good person helping other people and she is murdered by someone who probably never helped anyone in his/her life . I hope they arrest someone soon . .Diane


'Angel of Goodness' Slain
Its a terrible tradgedy, the Muslim population of Holland has exploded in recent years and Ive read reports about how the politicians are so split with the ruling party accused of "pandering" to Muslim tradition and even turning a blind eye to some established Sharia Courts over there (sound familiar?) While there is a growing anti Islamic movement stoked by misguided politicians (again, familiar?). Xenophobia exists everywhere and with the right indoctrination it doesnt take much for some individuals to resort to violence.

I hope the killer is brought to justice but Im sure they'll frame....sorry, I meant find the killer soon then everyone can castrate, stone then hang him before locking him up for LIFE ;)

RIP Arzu.

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