Hi all

I have just stumbled upon this Forum and have been impulsive and registered straight away. I have never done anything like this before - I am one of the few people who I know who is not on Facebook!!!!! I was sitting in my lounge after lighting the fire looking out on a cold wet and shakey Cumbrian day ( We have just had an earthquake) and my thoughts turned to Appolonium. After googling appolonium I happenend upon the forum and read the Threads and thought that I would like to make contact with you guys. It sounds as though this could be a useful way of sharing information as well as making friends.
My partner Bob and I have completed on a villa on the site and are coming out in May to do a snagging list with Artev.
We are staying elsewhere for a week and will be hoping to do some shopping for furniture and furnishings so any tips any of you have would be really useful.
We then intend to have a Holiday in August with our Son when hopefully everything will be up and running.


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Welcome to TLF Ang. You will be glad you stumbled across this forum, hope you have a lot of time on your hands cos it's addictive.

Well, must get ready for bingo!!!!!!! :9:



Hello Ang, nice to see yet another new member here, I'm sure members in the Akbuk area will see to it that you get all the info you need, welcome.


Welcome Ang

You'll be addicted on here in no time. I felt like you back in 2005, not keen on forums and now on facebook too thanks to Kaplumba on here!

Don't say you weren't warned.

Good luck & Enjoy your furnishing.
Debbie x


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I'm not on facebook either ........ dangerous, I think. Make sure your deeds (tapu) have the correct details of the plot and you. It's worth a trip inland for your furniture as the shops (even if they are part of a chain) are cheaper and will deliver within 24 hours. Istikbal is like IKEA, Yatas is like MFI was. Metro is the English Macro and will accept your card; good for white goods and garden furniture. Kipa (in Ortakent) is Tesco and very reasonable for crockery and food. Always take a shopping list and measurements.


Welcome Ang - sounds like a good stumble or was that a good tremblor... Was that a big shake in Cumbria!???
Enjoy the forum and hope it helps you through the new property process,


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Hi Ang

Welcome to the forum. It is very easy to use - I am a novice as well but it is very addictive and informative (I locked myself out for a few days but have just managed to sort out my password!). My place is in Altinkum and I go out in 4 wks for my first visit since completion.

Hope you have a good holiday.

Carol x


~Hi and Welcome!!

If we can be of any help to you dont hesitate to ask we are a happy and informitive bunch on here (well most of us lol)
Enjoy your new place in the Sun.

Hugs Maggie xxxxx

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