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And it's goodbye from him!
After sifting my way through what can only be described as a regular amount of input from persons who seem intent on either posting for the sake of it, posting to create an argument where one did not exist before or starting a debate which has then evolved into nothing more than an exchange of personal insults between one or two members, I have come to the conclusion that I am bored with this.
I used to enjoy learning from this forum of all things Turkish - and that will remain as I am still a novice, particularly compared to some of our members who know much more.
I used to enjoy the cut and thrust of a topical debate (come back Germaine!) with a polite if often cutting edge to it.
Nowadays,I am sorry to say, there doesn't seem to be the same environment.
The information exchange is always welcomed but I suppose as I have learnt more I need to know less and the debate topics are in my opinion now a watered down version of what used to exist in some respects, which I find surprising as there are brilliant contributors out there - perhaps our world is changing?
To those who I used to cross swords with, I hope I did not upset. If I did, it was not intentional and I certainly never ever did bear any malice.
To be frank and entirely honest, the current atmosphere is not to my liking, but I accept it is not for me to dictate to others, but instead as in most things in life I have a choice to either go with the flow or to jump ship and I am now opting for the latter.
I wish all members well and those who have been in contact in the past are particularly in mind, but as of now, I will be a passive member 'trawling' the posts much more infrequently than before.
You are priveleged to have a good forum - please use it wisely !
Wishing you all peace, good health and happiness for not only this year but for the years ahead.
Mushroom aka Gary
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