and heres another one - Cirali Village
there is a village called Cirali in an area of outstanding beauty, not far from Antalya and so within easy reach (haha give or take a few hours) of members living on the agean coast.
this little gem is quiet and relaxing great beach for kids with clear unpolluted water. The ruins of the ancient city of Olympos can be seen and explored
the mountains around are the site of the mythological Chimera..the fire breathing monster of greek mythology. see the eternal flames by night.. its unbelievable.. the fires have been there for thousands of years
Also the place where the Caretta Caretta (dont know how to spell that) turtles lay their eggs.
happy travels everybody


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and heres another one - Cirali Village
Re: and heres another one

I've heard of this place as it is in one of the travel brochures, Anatolian Sky I think. Am I right in thinking it is on the way or near to Adrasan (Cavus Bay)?
and heres another one - Cirali Village
yes it is near Cavus Bay and Kekova island..its a fantastic area. in fact on the coast road from Fethiye to Antalya there is so much to see and it is truly breataking scenery.

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