Just curious,
every summer when I go to Bodrum we see wicked things going on at the amphitheatre but can't read the advertising signs we see in the town (Turkish going VERY slowly LOL!!).
Wanted to know where do you go in the town to find out about these open air performances and is there anything good going on in Bodrum this summer (is it too soon to be advertised yet?...craving some new cultural experiences :roundgrin

Thanks all, Paul x


the problem is trying to read the posters for everyone- cant go slow in this traffic!
There is nothing announced yet, ( unless the new Mayor decides to try and do something on the spur of the moment!)and usually the Amphitheatre programme goes up about June.
If you are in town about then- wander down to the Harbour Square near the Castle and they start setting up ticket sales stands so you have more time to decode the Turkish- may even have a student salesperson who can tell you in English??!! If I see whats on- I will try to post.

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