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Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
Been looking at the following trip. I would'nt be able to afford it in 2010, but I'm considering it for 2011. It sounds amazing!!!

Sweden 7-Day Dog Sledding Experience...
The tranquility and absolute silence of the Arctic is breathtaking. If you’re lucky, you'll meet a moose with her calf, an Arctic fox or even a wolf and you may experience the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Whatever you experience, this will certainly be a trip that will remain imprinted on your memory forever.

Day One
Depart UK and fly to Stockholm, Sweden. After a brief stop we will connect on to Kiruna, in the Northern Scandinavian region. You will be met at the airport and taken to the base lodge where you will receive a full expedition briefing and given all the main items of equipment you need for dog sledding and protection from the cold. The evening is then yours to enjoy, perhaps watching the northern lights while sitting in an outdoor hot tub, before an early night in preparation for the forthcoming adventure.

Day Two
From the lodge you will be taken to the start of our dog sledding experience. Here you will meet your team of Alaskan huskies, learn how to harness the dogs and use a dog sled for the first time. Today we will journey to Jakalajarvi cabins on the tobacco trail and cover about 30km. This day gives you a great introduction to dog sledding and how to handle a sled.

Day Three
This morning you leave Jakalajarvi and head onto the trail covering approximately 35km of the most incredible landscape; you will travel across frozen lakes and in and out of surrounding forest. The lodge you stay in tonight dates back from the Sami period and is run by Sami descendents.

Day Four
Your journey today covers approximately 35km from Soppero to Jakalajarvi. Today you will sled through reindeer country, taking extra care to prevent the dogs chasing after these amazing, hardy creatures.

Day Five
Today you will journey up onto the plateau overlooking the beautiful forests below. The Wilderness Lodge is a traditional log cabin perched on the edge of a frozen lake. A perfect location to reflect on the challenge so far and also take a rewarding hot sauna!

Day Six
Our final day of sledding - returning to the base lodge, where we started our challenge. Once we arrive we will step into Sweden’s infamous ice hotel for a celebratory drink in the ice bar. After relaxing in an outdoor hot tub we will celebrate our dog sledding success over dinner, followed by a visit to the bar!

Day Seven
This morning (flight time dependent) you are free to enjoy your surroundings anyway you like, on snow mobiles, cross-county snow skiing or just relax at the Ice Hotel or wander around Kiruna, the choice is yours. You depart Kiruna at lunchtime and fly via Stockholm to the UK, arriving home early that evening in time to celebrate your success and share the tales of your Arctic adventure with family and friends
Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
thats sounds fantastic Pete..i would love that not that i could do it nowadays. bah. didnt say how much and the agents though..


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Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
Can I came with you, this will be fantastic, I ofen see Elk with calf. Also redfox, not the white one, not many of them.
In May my daugher will get a dog (puppy), Alaskan Malamut. And I have an Norwegian Elkhound.
The Northern Light is very beautiful, but scary.
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Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
That trip will be a fantastic experience PTP, we have seen the Northern Lights on a cruise up that area in 2003, and all around the Baltic Towns and Cities, we sailed through the Archipelago Islands early in the morning and it still isone of our most memorable holidays.

We have friends who live in Sweden up in the Katrineholm, Djupvik Forest (about one hour's drive from Skavsta, Stockholm), we have been visiting them for 5 winter seasons now, and fly out to them on 15th January for four days, we absolutely love the area, very peaceful, we do lots of walking, on one of our many walks through the forest, our footsteps and voices disturbed a huge pack of Wild Boar, they just raced past in front os us and it is sight I will never forget, it was awesome. They get many Mooses and Deer just walking by their kitchen window, lol. The birdlife is also fantastic.

I would look forward to your log of this holiday PTP, and of course some great photos along the way.
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peter the postie

Wer'e not really here
Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
I dont have a price yet Shirl. Its actually a fundraising challenge for the Dogs Trust. Usually with these fundraisers you do actually pay, but its slightly subsidised because you raise money for the charity by getting sponsors.

Maybe I'll be asking for sponsors on here in 2011 :)

Oh and yes Lesley, a diary of it with pics would be a must!
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Am I right in thinking this would be fantastic?
As the owner of an Alaskan husky myself Ive been thinking of doing such a trip for a few years month is a possibility but it probably wont happen till next winter :)

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