Just been looking at the " Absolutely Altinkum" board...
Altinkum seems to be getting a bit of a "bad press" on there at the moment.
Even the owners of the site seem to be having problems in Altinkum.
It seems some people are getting really fed-up with all the rip-offs and thinking of selling up.
What's your view?


I love the climate and non-business people but would consider selling up if I could.

It's feels a bit like the wild west at the moment.


Yes, you're probably right to a degree. I make sure I relax when I go out.
If I'm lucky, I get 3-4 weeks out there.

But if you didn't read the forums you wouldn't have a clue what was going on.
It's the only way to keep in touch with what's going on.

I suppose you follow the news if its bad.

And some people have had terrible experiences.

Mine are only minor compared to some but if I had the trauma some are experiencing I would have no confidence in getting any legal support.


Hi All,
There is good and bad wherever you go, but in Altinkums defence it is usually the negatives that get reported and not the is still a good place to live as far as im concerned,,, i think the comments on all forums are a bit biased lately..




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I think the area is improving in infrasture and services, the rip-off merchants have had their day I think and either gone are fighting the court cases against them.

Most of the bad things we hear about now days are the results of rip-off from the last 3-4 years, that is when it was all new and the buyers were unaware of the pitfalls and lot of developers and estate agents too advantage of that.

I don't think lot of people are falling for those old tricks now thanks to TurkishLiving forum and other sites which allow people to share their experiences and knowledge.


I think your quite correct Mushtaq, unfortunatly alot of damage has already been done by the rip off brigade, and i agree most people now are much the wiser to the scams,dodgy builders and caracters that are still about, (although in smaller numbers), only time will tell if that damage can be undone.
Im sure the good will outweigh the bad in time.
Eventually the locals will to realise that they need to build a future and not just live for today.
As yet i have not been turned over, but there is still time.


Some friends who bought in Altinkum 3 years ago have eventually got their Tapu and have now decided to sell their apartment and wont be coming back to Altinkum. They should have spent the last 3 years enjoying their holidays here instead they have spent them dealing with lawyers who disappeared with their money, finding another lawyer they could trust, agents that closed down etc etc and they have fallen out of love with the place.

Once I sell my villa I shall leave Altinkum, I've had no particular problems, I just dont think Altinkum is for me. There are a lot of people that live here or have holiday homes here so there will always be a certain number that decide to leave for all sorts of reasons.


I've had my share of problems and I can't say I have ever had a holiday. What I could have done with the money. Gone anywhere in the world.


I think what it is, 3 years ago they wanted to use the money they'd saved and buy an apartment here for them, their children and grandchildren and were really excited about having a holiday home in the sun. 3 years down the line after numerous trips here which turned out to be a waste of time, being ripped off, lied to etc the dream has turned sour. They just dont feel the same about the place now which is understandable.
Why pick on Altinkum????
Rip off merchants are everywhere! Home or away! You've just got to be careful whatever you do.
Life is just one big roller coast ride, you have your ups and downs where ever you are. These people who have had enough of Altinkum and decide to go elsewhere and never come back, doesnt guarantee them a stress free life at home or any other country.
I've haven't had a very nice or enjoyable experience buying in Altinkum and I still have problems to sort out when we go back in August.
But! Look on the bright side, I'm still alive and in a position to enjoy life.


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When I first drove into Turgutreis I instantly fell in love with it the second I came over the hill entering the town and seen the view. After all we went through there I didn't even look over my shoulder or in the mirror when we left. I was looking forward to going back when we finally sold our house. I thought finally, I can relax on the beach with a huge weight off my shoulders and really enjoy it. All I could do was think of all the bad times and the memories and I was saddened that I couldn't enjoy it there again. Maybe in time I will feel differently but I doubt the option to go there will happen very often for me to test it and right now I could care less.

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I can understand how Gin&Tonic's friends feel. Bad experiences and stress could certainly sour my attitude to a place to the extent that I would just want to put it behind me and never return.

Rip-offs happened everywhere, not just in Altinkum. They happen more often to foreign buyers and not just in Turkey, although I reckon that the ratio of rip-offs to the number of foreign buyers is probably higher in Turkey especially over the past few years. We just hear more about the people who have been ripped off in Turkey because we have an interest in Turkey. We hear more about people who have been ripped off in Altinkum because of the number of British people who bought there and because so many forum members have a place there.

I agree with others that there are probably fewer people being ripped off now, mainly due to buyers being more aware but also because there are fewer buyers. I think we could hear of a lot more cases of people losing their money due to builders going out of business but that has more to do with the credit crunch than people having been targetted by fraudsters.


lots of mixed feelings from the forum members on westonalen says though its not only in turkey. it is good to find out what happening through the forum,but it can be negative as well as positive..for instance for many months the tapu issue with the tick etc has had people worrying ,and uncertain ,with all different advice being given,some usefull some even more confusing,in the fact that what one person and his villa would have to do, could be totaly different to a apartment owner . so adding to conflicting advice.then we hear that the fines and deadlines are now if i had have been one of the people holidaying in my apartment without this knowledge the worry would have come and gone . i am not silly and realise that ignorance is not always blis but is too much knowledge always a good thing.hopefully we will look back in a year or so at these posts and be commenting on the positive changes in turkey.



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If we could get our Tapus in a day like the Turks do, without having to wait for Military clearance, a massive amount of rip-offs would never have occurred.

I agree, the single most root cause of why so many people have had property purchase problems is because the buyers have had to wait for Military Clearance. They need to get rid of it completely, it doesn't serve any purpose but to tie the system down with red tape.


It's not only property issues but the general rip offs and mainly two tier pricing system everywhere with the possible exception of supemarkets and the ever present hassle,done now more discreetly but still there.


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Yes there have been rip-offs and probably will continue to be just on a smaller scale. We can only sympthise with those that are in this position.

As was said earlier a lot of these are years old and really only just coming to light now because of the current finacial crisis ( no consolation to those on the receiving end I know!) So much has been said about Turkish Rip-offs…and let’s bash Altinkum appears to be popular at the moment. We bought two properties here and had few problems throughout the whole process. Of course had to wait for military clearance (don’t understand that one, were both members of Nato!) and had the usual wait for our TAPU, pulled our hair out at the Tedash and Beledeysi on occasion (particularly when we received that bloody bill for the road ) but overall quite an easy ride.

If we had been unlucky enough to have fallen foul of these other lying, thieving, scheming bas***ds then we may be in the same position as some forum members whose dreams have been shattered.

This type of thing is not confined to any one place or country, check out Spain, Portugal, Northern Cyprus (watch that one closely!) and other popular countries I’m sure you will find the same thing there…Wherever there’s money to be made you will find the sharks! The big point here is the Turkish Bureaucratic System (perhaps unwittingly) has allowed this to flourish.

Let’s also not forget that corruption is not limited to overseas! Look what happening at home in the good old UK, practically every Member of Parliament is scrabbling to pay back money or cover their tracks and make elaborate excuses as to why they needed thousands of pounds worth of Hanging Baskets, or Moats, or were still receiving payment for mortgages that didn’t exist, etc, etc.

If you or I had done this we would probably be up in front of a Judge, and this goes from top to bottom! How many people know someone who knows someone in the local council who bypassed the usual channels and has “sorted” something for them?

We live here, currently love it, yes we have moments when we wonder what the hell we are doing here, where most of the time left hand don’t know what the right hand is doing……….but for now we are settled here, that’s not to say we wont move on sometime in the future?

Some of the things Turkey has provided us with, (in no particular order) im sure others could think of a lot more?

New friends from all walks of life;
A quality of life we could only dream of;
A vastly reduced cost of living;
A great rate of interest which allowed us to retire early (yeah I know its been cut but still great comapred to the UK)
Property that we could not possibly afford elsewhere in the world;
Beautiful weather (most of the year);
Fantastic nights eating out for so little money;
Cheap transport (you can go anywhere on a bus here (well equipped and modern) for practically nothing compared to the UK)

Other things:-

For those that were astute or brave enough large sums of interest on your initial capital in Turkish banks (for those lucky few I believe (not us unfortunately) 45% in the beginning),
For those who have fallen seriously ill, immediate medical treatment (yes you pay but better than waiting on an NHS waiting list, or parked in some dark and dusty corridor while waiting for a bed)
For those that have very serious medical conditions that according to British Doctors were not operable, a new lease of life.


I hope when we eventually take the plunge and move we have the same upbeat attitude you have and our views change.
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Of course we do but we don't get them,could be an isolated case,tend to get more the other way.

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