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Alleged Rapist Appears In Court
Wellllllll....firstly...that's NOT a real motorcycle. Secondly where else in the world would the rapist ask for a couple dollars for gas to pay for the gas he used taking the victim to get raped....please.......someone tell him grandfather to stay away from his mother. Hope he gets the max penalty.

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Alleged Rapist Appears In Court
MARMARIS is getting such a bad name for all this. I really feel for these woman.My best friend was attacked there also this year. I have lived in marmaris for many years and this is just not good for tourism..I just hope he gets what he deserves. It seems to me that this is happening far to often these days. Sad because Turkey is a lovely place, but i am selling up now and going back to england...i dont feel as safe as i did 5 years ago.

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