All that I am....
All I am, all I will ever be
Is in your perfect eyes,
Is all that I can ever see?
The future never lies.
My bones ache,
My skin feels cold
All for loves sake.
As the day grows old.
The universe just vanished out of sight
All stars collapse behind the pitch black night
I can barely see your face
In front of mine.
But knowing you are there
That makes me feel fine
Take my hand
Knot your fingers through mine
I couldn’t live another day
If I thought you could not be mine.


All that I am....
You're all very welcome...Happy new year to all may all you wish for in the coming year come true. :28:


All that I am....
A very Happy New Year to you too Tallulah and look forward to many more lovely poems from you. Keep up the good work. xx

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