alcohol ban on campus
recently alcohol was banned at a rock concert held in a İstanbul Bilgi Uni.

the ban was a last minute decision after RTE announced..

"They want all our youth to be alcoholics. What on earth is this? I told the university authorities we were upset over the festival," he said. "For Allah's sake, how can this occur?"

its well known that he dislikes European culture i wonder who 'they' in the quote was aimed at.

whatever your view on the sale of beer at a rock concert the thing at stake here is tolerance and there seems to be a growing amount of intolerance in certain districts of İstanbul notably Eyup which is where the concert was held.

A similar article last week described what was happening in İstanbul as 'alcohol apartheid'

İts notable also that where the AKP runs the council its more difficult to get a rusat to sell alcohol and they are very expensive. Are we seeing social engineering in Turkey?

Istanbul Alcohol Ban Divides Secular, Religious Residents, 17 August 2012 Friday 11:50


alcohol ban on campus
I have enjoyed a few beers at Bilgi University in the past - though at a different campus on the Golden Horn. At that time Bilgi was still refusing to allow headscarves amongst students. That changed soon after. I suspect that the Bilgi authorities are content to settle for the quiet life and run away from controversy. If RTE doesn't allow Efes to supply beer to a rock concert that it itself is sponsoring then will it be long before he turns his attention to the company itself?
alcohol ban on campus
I live in an area which hit the headlines last year when they removed all the outdoor seating. Beyoglu in Istanbul. We have an AKP Belideye. They did it mostly because of the complaints from residence about the noise and lots of other annoyances which was a valid reason I think. In the evenings it was very hard to get into your own house as the streets were blocked with revellers.
Istanbul has a lot of different kinds of people and many more conservative people live here than when I first moved here. The plain fact is that although many people here like the idea of going for a drink they do not want alcohol to be sold where they live because of fear of disturbance and annoyance from the drinkers - even though they may drink themselves:)
It's all to do with the zoning rules they have here which mean that some areas are designated alcohol areas and some not. They don't have the concept of the local pub as we do and unfortunately this zoning thing means a kind of alcohol selling area which drinkers are 'quarantined' into a drinking zone instead of the bars being spread out throughout the city.


alcohol ban on campus
I think we can see where the current government is going. The issue I have seen lately though is that many people who have voted for them are now starting to get a little nervous of when the restrictions will start to affect them. if this nervousness spreads it can only be for the good of balance. Some of the things that have been published of late remind me of the slogans of the nazis in world war 2. Have three children = have sons for the fuhrer. Lets raise conservative youths = youth should be past of the same group who do what they're told and follow the orders of the fuhrer, so they can no longer recognise for themselves the difference between right and wrong. It might sound extreme, but the way things are at the moment was quite how Hitler started out. He won hearts by making small improvementds for some, then he started to marginalise some groups until he reached his dizzy heights that everyone knows about. I hope it doesn't progress to being a situation where anyone who isn't muslim or his kind of muslim cannot live comfortably in Turkey.
alcohol ban on campus
Yasemin well there are some similarities but only because one party or leader who has too much power invariably lets it go to their heads and then lose sight of reality. I think AKP are much too shrewd for this. They realise how much they have to lose if they alienate their Western allies for example. But I think they could make the country a lot more conservative without upsetting Europe and the US. I think they could for example make the alcohol zoning stricter and there would be less areas where alcohol is sold but the places (tourist areas for example) where it is sold would become more noisy because more drinkers would flock there.
I think they can go a lot more restrictive and nobody would object because most people in Turkey are conservative.

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