Al-Qaeda and West in cahoots in Syria
The leader of Al-Qaeda has voiced his support for the Syrian uprising. He called on Muslims to join the opposition in Syria in their drive to oust President Bashar Assad.
In an eight-minute video address posted on Sunday on a jihadist website, Ayman al-Zawahri called on Muslims in Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan to aid the Syrian rebels.
“Continue your revolt and anger, don't accept anything else apart from independent, respectful governments,” the successor of Osama Bin Laden urged the Syrians.
He also called on Syrians not to rely on Western or Arab governments, whom he said would impose a new regime subservient to the West.
The news comes as the Arab League is discussing in Cairo their next step in tackling the Syrian crisis. Earlier Russia and China blocked a draft resolution at the UN Security Council, which called for Assad to step down. Now a plan to send a joint UN-Arab League observer mission to Syria is on the table.
The country has been in turmoil for almost a year now. The government says it fights off foreign-sponsored terrorist groups masquerading as public uprising. Critics of the regime call it a bloody crackdown on Syrian citizens.
Dr. Hisham Jaber, from the Center for Middle East Studies, told RT that Washington and Al-Qaeda are fighting against a common enemy in Syria.
“It seems that Al-Qaeda and the Western bloc are working in the same way and they have the same target, which is to destroy the regime in Syria and to collapse it,” he said. “Al-Qaeda never denied its presence in Syria. Al-Qaeda never denied its support of insurgents in Syria.”

Al-Qaeda joins ranks of Syrian revolt backers — RT

Al-Qaeda and West in cahoots in Syria?

Al-Qaeda’s presence in Syria is bringing tensions to boiling point in the tumultuous country, given their interests coincide with those of the West, this could lead to a marriage of convenience for the seemingly opposing forces.
Amid renewed Arab league talks about finding a solution to the increasingly escalating situation in Syria, Iraqi intelligence reports of Al-Qaeda entering the fray, moving into Syria from Iraq.
The current leader, of al-Qaeda Ayman al-Zawahri has called upon his followers to back the opposition and bring down Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
The West is currently looking to offer all the support it can to Assad’s foes with a view to further isolating him, and with Al-Qaeda now present in the region, this could mean supporting a supposed enemy in the War on Terror.
Journalist and author Afshin Rattansi told RT that Al-Qaeda’s presence was indicative of alliance between the West and Al-Qaeda. He said the US had used the presence of Al-Qaeda militants to suit its own ends before in both Libya and in Afghanistan.
“Once again, the US and European Union states as usual supporting Al-Qaeda as they did in Afghanistan prior to 9/11. Will they never learn?”
He suggested their embroilment in the conflict betrays the US’s real motivations in the conflict, describing them as not “protecting the interests of the US citizens nor European leaders.” Many see the West’s moves towards military intervention in Syria as a move to assert “hegemonic power” in the region.
Rattansi says the situation for US is rather precarious as that military intervention would result in “widespread disaster in the Middle East and blow-back for the United States”.
“Al-Qaeda must be thinking ‘Well we’ll work with the US yet again and who knows, in a couple of years time another 9/11 and America will learn again what Al-Qaeda and what Sunni extremism and Salafism means.’”

Al-Qaeda and West in cahoots in Syria? — RT

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