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Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
Hello all,

I have booked a one week holiday to turkey with my two children and my mum.

The holiday company wanted to charge us £65.00 each way for transfers. I have never been to Turkey but was presuming that it would be cheaper and quicker to just get a taxi at the airport.

We land on the 26th September at 03:45.

Would appreciate if someone could advise me how much I am likely to get charged.

Thank you.


Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
Hi. welcome to the Forum.. It should be about £35 to £ 40 Try or Propercar.



Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
I have had experience of proper car co in Bodrum and they were very reliable.

Would be interested to know how your holiday was in the Crystal Hotel, pass it often and often wonder what its like in there and what kind of entertainment they have. If you have time after your holiday please post some info.

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Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
On our very first visit to the peninsula, the company we bought from put us in the Crystal Hotel for 1 week, because the 'Off Plan' development we were going to view is, as you probably know very close by. The hotel was very good, food good, staff very helpful, noddy train to the beach (we didn't go on, lol). But never having been to the area before, we also did lots of exploring and looking at other different finished developments with other Emlaks, and used to go down into Yalikavak and Gumusluk villages of an evening also. All in all we had a great time and very pleased that we chose to stick with the 'Off Plan' deal and wait the 18 months.

You will have a great time and there is a regular bus service down into Yalikavak and off to Gumusluk with a not too far walk from the Hotel. Enjoy.


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Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
Watch out for the rip off Merchants called holiday companies. Usually always very expensive. There is some good alternative advice on this thread.


Airport Taxi to Crystal Hotel
for your info taxi fare BJV to Gumusluk is £55 as advertised on board by taxi rank at airport, as previously stated private hire is much cheeper.

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