Airport security beware...
This happened to my wife last week at Istanbul (Domestic terminal) but could happen at any Airport.

In the queue for the xray she took off her watch and put it in her travel bag, a very small travel bag designed for a netbook, with just a couple of pockets for tickets etc, She put it in a zipped up pocket.(she is especially carefull with this watch, anniversary present)
Then after going through xray she was asked to send it all through again as she had not removed the netbook (Very small laptop) from the bag, OK her mistake.
However the guards took the bag back, and she thought that she saw one of them fiddling with the bag, any way, they send the bag and netbook through again no probs.
Until my wife checks the zipped pocket and her watch is missing.
She then gesticulates an calls to her friend "My watch is gone" however, she does this in her native language (Georgian) and coincidently the word for watch is the same in Georgian and Turkish.
Security guard hears this then sheepishly holds up a wacth and asks if anyone has lost a watch, whilst his face is going a rather red colour.

If she had not checked straight away for her watch, and had returned a couple of minutes later, it would have been gone forever.

That was last week.

Then today, I had a situation, where they wanted to look in one of my bags, they wanted to take it and look at it on a separate table a few metres away from the security conveyor, however my hand carry bag and plastic tray with phone etc were still inside the machine. I refused to budge until I could take all my possessions with me to their special table, sorry for the two people that were behind me kept waiting by my actions, but NEVER NEVER EVER let the security guards separate you from your possessions during security checks.

If they require anything to go through the achine again, YOU make sure you go back with it and watch it all through.
If they want to take a bag to a separate table, wait and take ALL your possessions with you, do not leave anything on the conveyor.

We were lucky this trip, I guess many people get caught out every hour, never mind every day.


Airport security beware...
That is good advice Mike.We travel through Istanbul Domestic about four times a year and always take ALL our belongings to a separate bench to be checked if required.I am not saying they are going to to nick anything but they take so many things out that they forget who they belong too.



Airport security beware...
You should make an official complaint.

We will be doing so.

Unfortunately at the time my wife and friend were rushing to get a connection, they had just arrived at IST International, and had to transfer to Domestic to get the Bodrum flight.

If they had more time at Domestic they would have made a complaint at that time.

As I said earlier, this was just our recent experience, same must be happening at many airports, I do not think that this is limited to just Turkey.
Airport security beware...
Thanks for that info. I often travel that route on my own.Will be more aware now just in case this should happen to me or any one around me.


Airport security beware...
Sorry Mike that you both had this experience
Thanks for the info - makes you wonder just how much stuff these people DO take ??


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Airport security beware...

Just to balance this subject up, i passed through Antalya airport, and walked off to check in leaving my watch (£300 value) in the tray.
A little later another passenger walked up to check in asking if anyone had left a watch as the security had found it.

happily they are not all thieves


colin c

Airport security beware...
ive had my bag searched a few times but they have always asked me to empty it and show them the contents , they have never touched the contents themselves

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