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Airport Body Scanners
Britain is thinking of following the US in introducing these devices.

I'm really not sure about these things and can't decide whether it's a fair balance between privacy and security.

Have a look and see exactly what you'll be exposed to (if you'll pardon the pun).

[ame=http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=972_1262283908]LiveLeak.com - Body scanner, with detailed genitalia reporting[/ame]



Airport Body Scanners
I think its good. If thats the way we have to go to be safe, so be it.


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Airport Body Scanners
Hmmm, the thing is, what's next? Some jobsworth shining a torch up your jacksie?

If you take the US alone, on a normal day there are 25000 flights in and out of the country, approximately equating to 1,500,000 people.

That's a hell of a lot of privacy intrusion.

The terrorists are winning as all these measures are a sure sign of their ability to terrorise people without even firing a shot....

We must get the balance right.



Airport Body Scanners
The only problem, I wonder how they get round the law in scanning minors (children)?

The Protection of Children Act 1978 and the Sexual Offences Act 2003 make it illegal to possess, distribute, show and make indecent images of children.

A child is defined for the purposes of the legislation as anyone under the age of 18.
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Airport Body Scanners
So Kids don't get x rayed, mri scanned or photographed for medical examination / referral then. Think on.



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Airport Body Scanners
Those that feel that strongly against it always have options, they don't to fly. I just hope I have pure thoughts when it's my time for the scanner...:40:



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Airport Body Scanners
It will not be long before the images are being sold on the Internet.

Could be a money making scheme - rather than a postcard from your hols, you can send a copy of your scan.

Nu-Lab will, of course, want to start charging a fee for each scan with the justification "If you have nothing to hide then you can pay to prove it!"



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Airport Body Scanners
I would be interested to know the health risks.

And is it really as easy as 'Those that feel that strongly against it always have options, they don't to fly' ? For those of us with homes in Turkey what other options do we have? Rather a long journey by land and sea.
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Airport Body Scanners
The Americans need to remember that the next terrorist attack (regardless of your opinion on any conspiracy theory) will not necessarily come from outside the country.

In my experience the security at local airfields, certainly in California, is virtually non-existent. Not long ago there was a report of a boy of 13, I believe, sauntering on to such an airfield and casually taking his father's aircraft for a spin with a friend. Nobody thought to challenge him, let alone query how such a youngster was able to fly (let alone land - they say that anybody can take off it is the landing that requires the skill!). Just imagine though if he had been a terrorist hell-bent on causing destruction. Something as small as a "dirty bomb" or similar would be quite adequate for their needs.

I was accompanying a friend whilst he was building up his hours and training for his Instrument Rating. Not once was there ever the remotest hint of any sort of a security check at any of the numerous airfields into which we flew. It was almost as if the authorities had forgotten all about 9/11!

Before we get too worried about full body scanners apparently the vast majority of travellers support the idea if it results in enhanced security. As ever, though the Europeans will have the final say and who knows how long it will take for them to pontificate upon it?

and we will hear exactly the same debate when it comes to microchipping people.

freedom or security? i'll take freedom, thanks.
If you are concerned about us being microchipped Neil, you may find this regular privacy newsletter interesting - ptshamrock.com/ptbuzz.html. Some of the disclosures are REALLY scary, It usually appears twice a month, is quite comprehensive and covers several countries.
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Airport Body Scanners
i find it hard to believe that when there is huge, confirmed evidence of the governments of 'free' nations having no regard for the safety of their people - i mean, what about all the chemicals portland down spayed on British people? - that anyone could find it hard to conceive of governments themselves being responsible for 'terrorist' attacks / threats in order to further their agendas of control. governments by nature want control, and a free, well-educated and questioning populace in anathaema to them. a year ago we would have outright refused full body scans, but arrange a nice little transatlantic scare and public opinion accepts what would have been unacceptable; in tiny, tiny steps they move towards a totalitarian destination that has been planned a long time. microchipping people with RFID chips has already started as we are shpeherded into compliance, under the guise of 'convenience', 'health', etc. the good news is so many people are not swallowing corporate media's movie version of reality ... we saw great opposition to the flu vaccine, and i just saw a daily mail poll where 80% of readers do not believe that global warming is man-made. (i know, it's just a newspaper poll.) while the body scan reeks of financial gain as well as control, and isn't a huge threat in itself, it's something that is affecting the general population, treating everyone as a potential criminal, so i'm interested to see how people react to this when it's no longer the easy targets whose civil liberties are being taken away.

i firmly disbelieve that al qaida really exists as a coordinated threat, and that 'terrorist activities' are to a smaller or lesser extent false flags to further the agenda: they are either permitted to take place by removing security and ignoring credible intelligence, or actively facilitated through the provision of visas, training and finance. why did the 9/11 report consider it of no importance the source of funding for the 9-11 conspirators (many of whom weren't even there and are alive and well)? who has both motive and oppotunity? which force has done its best to 'radicalise' our 'enemies', through publicised torture and humiliation and illegal wars of aggression? how does a private security company such as Blackwater fire on a crowd of civilians in Iraq and get found not guilty of manslaughter?

happy new year :)


Airport Body Scanners
omg u cud see the guys pee pee!!! how invasive! another one of the governments control and ownership over its citizens!

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