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Air Hostess Dies of Skin Cancer
Frightening and tragic.

'A 25-year-old air hostess who topped up her tan while jetting round the world has died of skin cancer.'


Air Hostess Dies of Skin Cancer
Yes, I saw that too:( I know a neighbour (in the UK) who lived in Australia and her melanoma was caught early. Also found on the leg. It all depends on the person and kind of skin too. I have an elderly friend here who is 62 and in better health than I am! She has sunbathed for years to the extent her skin is deep brown and leathery but with no problems.
Air Hostess Dies of Skin Cancer
Unfortunately my Dad died of Malignant Melanoma (SKIN CANCER)! in June,from an undetected mole,which had spread to other organs,Really feel for her family,far to young!!



Air Hostess Dies of Skin Cancer
my mum just had a cancerous mole removed from her face and they confirmed if she had left it longer she would have been in touble. she used to put oil on and has been a sun lover all her life but is naturally tanned already, dark hair and eyes...she now has to wear factor 50 at least and sun hat and stay away from sun....guess she wont be visiting me in a hurry then....
moles stress me out...and i find it hard to keep tabs on whats old n whats new....for a moley person in the 1st place its sometimes hard to tell.
mums on the other hand was prominent but faded in winter and in the last yr before surgery even crumbled off on its own accord so to speak.....i guess they say check moles if they become raised or painful or larger than they were. and always use sun creams.My nan who died of a mix of cancers also had some skin troubles -im not clear on it all as i had cancer myself as she was dying in hospital but i guess your skin type may be relevant and your genetics too...who can tell where cancer is concerned....but i guess frying your skin cant be a good start can it...
sad news for that womans family.

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