air condition
Press the button to change the mode. You should see the following icons:
Sun: Heat mode
Snowflake: Cool mode

When you see the picture of the sun, turn the temperature up and wait 2 minutes. If you still don't have warm air, you should get it serviced.

Freedom 49

No fun if it's too easy!
air condition
they are fitted with over four years but this is our first time using them

Well,you know what they say? ''If you don't use it, you lose it!''

Joking aside, I'm no expert, I'd wave the white flag and give Vestel Servis a call. Good luck. :smile:


air condition
As said ,[the sun symbol ] same as the Arcelik remote by the sound of it . Dont forget though the temp in the room has got to be cool for it to throw out heat as we could not work out why our Arcelik A/C would not throw out warm air untill we tried it on a cold day and it worked .

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