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AIDS virus saves cancer patients
This is an amazing medical breaktrhough. They have managed to take the invasive parts of the AIDS virus and splice it with the cancer killing parts of other molecules and make a cure for cancer.

A girl suffering with terminal cancer is now in complete remission. Amazing

See attached.

Girl beats leukemia using AIDS virus

My wife Karen's previous husband died of AIDS. I am so glad that something good is coming out of this terrible disease. Karen thinks this is "god's way of making the plague of the world into a good thing". May Carlos rest in peace.


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AIDS virus saves cancer patients
Hmmm, looks positive but its very early to get a picture of long term prognosis, my husband is one month post transplant for lymphoma and it is a long arduous battle as the article alludes to but it is a proven road and in the majority of cases does turn out to be a 'cure' (long term remission) it would be great in the future if this becomes another treatment option

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