Ahmet Davutoglu - Newsweek
There’s a few interesting articles in Newsweek recently featuring Turkey.

Two of which features Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu. Davutoglu is the driving force behind Turkey’s new “self-confident” foreign policy, and has been nick named “Turkey’s Kissinger”. Having followed Turkey for many years I can’t ever remember any Turkish politician becoming so internationally respected so fast.

There’s an article about the facts behind the man.

What you need to know about the person shaping Turkey's muscular new foreign policy.

Expect to hear a lot more of the name Ahmet Davutoglu. The former university professor who became Turkey's foreign minister last year is the man behind Ankara's landmark new diplomatic outreach, including a previously unimaginable rapprochement between Turkey and Armenia and a new warmth with Syria.

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An interview with him:
Risky Diplomacy: Turkey's foreign minister discusses his country's expanding role as a regional power.


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