AGM decisions
We have an apartment in a very well run complex, with a properly elected committee, AGM every year, and sensible rules that people usually respect.
At this years AGM it was decided to repaint the complex this winter in the original colours. The item was on the agenda and discussed beforehand by email, although not the colour. We usually get all views by email, and the owners who attend have proxy votes for those who cannot, so most issues are decided beforehand. The AGM is used to discuss the detail and formalise the decisions. The minutes are distributed to all owners, then the decision book is completed and taken to be signed/stamped by the Noter. During the summer some owners have expressed opinions about what colour the complex should be painted, and the manager has now asked months later for people to vote on different colours. This has dragged on, with people not agreeing with each other, arguing and generally going round in circles. Can't see when we will ever get a clear majority, as everyone has different ideas, as its generally a matter of personal taste.
Does anyone know if decisions made at the AGM are binding?
We have got quotes and our maintenance provider has told us it will need to be authorised by the local council, will it matter if we have not followed decisions taken at the AGM? Would be grateful for any advice from anyone in the know.
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AGM decisions
Hello Candy, decisions taken at an AGM and voted on then do become binding, as re. colour as you say it is more or less a personal choice and you will all just be arguing about it for evermore.

So at the end of the day it will be down to your Community Administrator to make the final decision as it was decided to re-paint in the original colours.

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