Afghan quagmire gets worse and worse
It is a quagmire Philip, but I hope it isn't unwinnable because I would like to see the Taliban beaten.


Afghan quagmire gets worse and worse
Its pretty obvious its unwinnable

The old chestnut of the more force occupying armies use galvanises local opinion against them twinned with the fact that in that part of the world outside invaders have never conquered the place

The incident I referred to just underlines how messy it gets and it ends up with one not knowing what side whos on!

Classic sign of the sort of confusion and instability which wil llead to the inevitable retreat
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Afghan quagmire gets worse and worse
Well thats partly my point

Even the yank generals and politicians can no longer agree on what "winning" would be

It certainly isnt the defeat of the taliban as they have already said its policy when they can to make peace with as many of them as poss. Indeed in some areas they have actually paid large cash sums to local militia/taliban groups and allowed semi autonomy so they can move on

The fact that there is already talk of a start to withdrawl end 2011 when the "surge" troops wont be fully in place until end 2010 shows theres inevitably gonna be a pull out


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Afghan quagmire gets worse and worse
This incident just sums up how messed up, pointless and unwinnable this debacle is

BBC News - CIA bomber was al-Qaeda double agent, US media say

I agree--this came to mind from an earlier time, its from Arithmetic of the frontier by R Kipling

A scrimmage in a Border Station—
A canter down some dark defile—
Two thousand pounds of education
Drops to a ten-rupee jezail—
The Crammer’s boast, the Squadron’s pride,
Shot like a rabbit in a ride!

Im not a fan of poetry but this stuff is as valid today as when it was written.
Seems we will never learn from past mistakes.

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