Aegean Flights Christmas schedule
There never was going to be. Aegean said last year would be their last for xmas and new year flights.
Aegean Flights Christmas schedule
Winter flights and Christmas have been an issue for the past few years, as basically airlines cant fill aircraft from the variety of UK airports that punters want to the Turkish resort airports. Aegean flights tried it three years ago running quite a full winter schedule and they lost money on the deal.

Last year, Aegean did the Xmas/New Year period but again it was a case of not enough bums for too many seats and they pulled the plug for this year and next.

This year Thomas Cook are doing the Xmas New Year ones from Gatwick and Manchester to Dalaman, and as always more frequent ones throughout the winter to Antalya.

As Lesley says, Pegasus are doing the Izmir Stansted route, along with the Dalaman Stansted via Istanbul (interestingly though the UK to Dalaman route is no longer classed as a through flight with specualtion that luggage will have to be collected at Istanbul and be checked in again for the domestic leg).

And of course there are the scheduled airline options (admittedly expensive) of Turkish Airlines etc via Istanbul.

Obviously it all comes down to where you are located in both the UK and Turkey. For some people Stansted and Izmir and totally useless if they need to be in Glasgow and Dalaman as a cheap flight then becomes extortionate on zigzagging both countries.

But bottom line, as with anything, is what makes money. The airlines need to operate at a profit and sadly CEOs and shareholders dont necessarily run their businesses on the needs and whims of holidaymakers and holiday homeowners who feel cheated if they dont get a direct flight to Turkey or the UK during the winter months.
Aegean Flights Christmas schedule
Just to add to the above our Pegasus flight is direct ie no change at Istanbul. The last time we took this route 2 years ago we had to change in Istanbul so a bonus for us this year. As we like sightseeing we shall stay in Izmir a night or 2 before taking the coach down to Bodrum. I appreciate this doesn't suit everyone but for us its fine. It is always a problem getting a flight from where you want to where you want at this time of the year so you just have to take whatever is the best option for you. If you live in Turkey and want to return back from the UK then wherever you land in Turkey you could make a little detour and see some of the wonderful sights in the country.
Aegean Flights Christmas schedule
Absolutely right Lesley - and for people like us with no work commitments and no schedules to adhere to its not a problem. However for those with jobs to go to in the UK (poor souls!), limited holidays, limited budgets, and school holidays to adhere to then it does become a problem.

Obviously, your booking with Pegasus was one of the first ones - and like most airlines now they work to the same business model where the first 20% or so of seats are sold off cheap and the nearer you get to departure date the more expensive they become (Pegasus and Easyjet are prime examples).
You dont need to bed a financial wizard to work out that 70 quid returns dont pay for the aircraft fuel - hence the later bookers pay more expensive prices and hopefully the airline operator makes a profit at the end of the day.

However, sad to say, I think the days of winter flights from small UK airports direct to holiday resorts in Turkey are long gone - and the £50 returns are another distant memory!

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