Advice on changing money, Visa, on-line banking
Hello, we are going to Turkey for holidays. It is some years since we were in Turkey last time. I need som advice on the issuses above.
We are going to Bodrum area.

Is it OK to pay with Visa or AMEX in shops and restaurants?

Is it easy to take money out in bankomats? Are there frequent?

Should we take cash and in what currency? Shall we bring Turkish Lira, or, is it OK to take the money out at the airport?

Do banks in Turkey have the usual on-line banking services? We are thinking about buying a property and will need a bank account. Any bank with on-line services you can recommend?

Grateful for advice.


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Advice on changing money, Visa, on-line banking
Visa & Mastercard are common, but I don't see much evidence of Amex in shops and restaurants.

You can take money out of Bankomats, and they are common in the tourist and business areas.

My experience is cash at the airport gives the worst rates of exchange. You are better bringing a very small amount and changing your currency at the bank or Exchange shops.

You should check your local bank rates to see if you can get a good rate in your home country.

I use Garanti Bank and am very happy with the on-line banking, telephone support etc: GarantiBank


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