advice needed
hi i am trying to find out if a terrace belongs to me or my down stairs neighbour.
it is his roof but my bedroom faces on to it and i have access to it but he will not let me put a railing around it, i have young children and it is dangerous.
he also has his water tank on my terrace.
am i in the right to remove the tank if he will not let me fence the terrace off
i am trying to find out if i own it by my tapu.
it is saying 70/360 any clues any one .


advice needed
I would imagine that if you had direct access to it ie. via a door then the terrace is yours. How does he get access to it?
I agree...go ask your builder or estate agent.
advice needed
I imagine the terrace is yours as they often are with the upstairs property but the water tank is his and so he has a right to reasonable access to the tank (I think). If the terrace is yours he can't prevent you fencing it off so long as he can access his tank me thinks??


advice needed
thanks for your advice everyone ,
i did ask my estate agent to get if fenced off last year we bought the fence
then he said we cannot put it up has we will damage his roof.
the water tank is not on that terrace but on our top terrace which he has no rights to. he also has his sat dish on our water tower.
the building is quite old and the previous owner lives in germany.

is there someone i can send photos to look at and advice

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advice needed
I think 70/360 means that the total area of your complex is 360 sq meters and 70 sm is owned by you. On our tapu we have a similar thing and the first number is our apartment area and having had a quick add up the second figure is about the rest added together. Perhaps someone else knows for sure.

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