advice goverment bonds
hi there as any expats bought goverment bonds any info on the return how long do you need to invest .risks etc.:roundgrin


in my own clique
advice goverment bonds
.. i bought £10.000 in G/Bonds a couple of years ago .on the first year ,(13months you have to leave them).i made over £2,000...:roundgrin


advice goverment bonds
Government bonds run for varying times, with various rates of interest. You can take some out for a few days if you bank did that for me last week when I wanted to merge 2 accounts together and there was a delay between dates on the 2 accounts.

They are easy to take out, from any bank. You can invest any amount you wish in multiples of the bond value. The tax rate is 10%.

At the moment I would also look at time deposit accounts with the banks...usually for 30-45 days. Although you do pay 15% tax.

Hope this helps.



advice goverment bonds
Hi Dave

You can buy government bonds via most of the major banks in Turkey such as Garanti and HSBC - we have one getting 15% interest (less 10% tax).


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