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OK, here's another one for your lokes and dislikes.
What is your favourite and your most hated adverts?

My most hated one , and i have to put it on mute, is the Go Compare, Go Compare Aghhhhhh, it drives me up the wall.

I like the one where the babies are laughing {can't remember what it is tho} :hmm:

And it's my thread, so you can have as much as you like lol



The cadbury's ad with the gorilla and the drums playing Phil Collins
"something in the air tonight"...........

Cracks me up!!!!!!!


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My most hated advert is Direct Line Insurance with that stupid dancing telephone, whoever heard of a dancing telephone!!!

My favourite is the Meerkats, abs love Alexander when he says SIMPLES TCH!!!
I want one for Christmas (erm a Meerkat).
Mind you, whoever heard of a talking Meerkat

Thank you Jeannie for letting us have as many as we like, you're not a hard taskmaster like that PTP, LOL.

peter the postie

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Hmm.... Fave would probably the Meerkats, and the one I detest is the one with the snotty child that wont use his own toilet because " I want to poo at Pauls" :mad2:


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Ok..i haven't watched an advert in the UK for almost 8 months now but i do love the original "compare the"...

As for the worst?..

Well there was one particular advert for "Fun Chos" crisps shown here in Turkey over the summer that proper drove me insane!

I can still hear the annoying tune in my head as i type!!


Loved the T Mobile ad in the station when they all break into song and dance.

Hate the Safestyle windows, were the guy shouts buy one you get one free, arghh.
jewel x

Also loved the old.. Howard singing to the tune of sexbomb, for the Halifax.


I like the Akbank ad where Musulum Gurses sings Ihtyacim Var (the ad from a year or so ago).

[ame=]YouTube - Müslüm.Gürses.Akbank.Reklam.Filmi[/ame]

And I also like the Pinar Sosis ad from a couple of years ago where the little girl says "Çok tat usun" -Or something, LOL. But I cant find a link to a vid of that. -Well not one shat shows her saying that at the end anyway, I have spent hours looking. If anyone has THAT please let me have a link to it, I would love to send it to son.
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For me the GOAT is the Cadburys smash robots. Even the kids at work today loved it, watching it for the first time for many of em.



I Love Kleopatra Beach !
I Loved the one with all the babies in the paddy pad ad . There cosy fit from paddy the elasticated nappy ????? My most Hated one the double glazeing ,,You buy 1you get 1 free ,Feel like throwing a brick at him !!!!! ...Diane


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..up until last night i have been watching (i,m a celebrity get me out of here.).but that iceland advert is on at every interval ..sometimes 4 time for the 90 minutes of the programme..this advert is on around 20 times....that is just to much to bear..:doh:

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