Nadine in disguise
Adjective Clauses in Turkish
Thanks a lot, I do find this lesson very useful
I did listen at the answers and understood them
still, I'm a bit puzzled about " çiçekleri at. Onlar soldu (Solan çiçekleri at)", because I do soldu in the past and solan is not in the past
(same with exercise nr 4

Thanks a lot


Nadine in disguise
Adjective Clauses in Turkish
Hello Turkish Turkish,
these are my answers....

1. Bana verdiğin kalemi kaybettim
2. Sana verdiğim sözlük nerede?
3. Ali'nin anlattıgı fıkrayı hiç kimse sevmedi
4. Babam'ın yemek pişirdiği yemek harikaydı
5. Beklediğimiz otobüs çok geç geldi.
6. Mike'nin konuştuğu adamı tanıyor musun ?

To be honest, I already learned a bit about this item, and I made the exercise first and then listened to your answers
I do think you explain well, except maybe for the fact that endings like "la" (adamla in example nr. 6) are of no importance anymore with diği .
I make this remark because I have been following Turkish lessons, and a lot of students made remarks of this kind, but I would not know how to explain that, except with a lot of examples of course

Thanks for all the lessons, we are priviliged...


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