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Adams Dilemma
I heard that women have an extra two ribs then what men have.Has this something to do with Adam having a rib taken from his body while he was put to sleep by Gods anesthetic,so he can perform an operation to extract the rib from Adams DNA to make a female companion for him,because he was so lonely living amongst all the other animals that are already with their companions.
l can imagine Adam slumped against a tree looking glum while the squirrels were enjoying the mating season and the ducks in the eternal fountain pond splashing about with ecstasy.
Adam couldn't’t take it anymore and decided to complain to the big chief.”Hey”God!.Why is it that all your animals you have created are with a companion and you have left me all alone in this garden you named Eden.l want a female companion”Do you really want to go along that road”and have a mate God said.”Ya” “Ya”,while he’s drooling with sexual excitement.
“OK”.l must take from you the lower rib to make you a companion,so if you lay back on the grass and fall asleep l’ll perform the operation and when you wake up you will be with a female made from you.”That’s great”.So Adam laid back.”AAAHHH”came a cry of pain from Adam.l’m not asleep yet.l have been suffering from insomnia,because of loneliness.”ooH”,sorry,said God.So he snapped his fingers and a sledge hammer appeared in his hand and used it to knock Adam out cold.
When Adam woke up,He said”Boy” my head,that is the last time l eat those fermented apples on the ground.”Never mind that” God said to Adam.What do you think of your companion standing next to you.
“Well” Adam was dumbfounded with excitement on what he has never experienced.he felt something growing and he couldn't’t figure out why this is.So,Adam asked God what is happening to me and what should l do.Don’t worry Adam,eve will show what should be done.So,eve was washing some fig leaves and needed some where to dry them.”yes” you guessed it.The rod was the ideal place to peg the fig leaves on to hang out to dry.
Adam made a complaint to the big chief again and mentioned what Eve was using the pole for.God said what more do you want,l give you a female mate that never argues or complain but just gets down and does the job,which l embedded in her what comes naturally to her,is hanging the washing out.
“Yes”,l know but l was expecting something more then that..You know what l am talking’s what those squirrels do everyday.So Adam was given something extra to the pole and Eve kept on cracking Adams nuts with a nutcracker.
The moral of the story is, always get it in writing when asking for a body change.
Written by Me
Sorry l am just bored and thought of this as l went along.

l have just thought l wrote something similar over a year ago,and plum forgot about it while l was writing this one.
Here is the other story of Adam and his is similar to the one here "how strange"
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