I Love Kleopatra Beach !
adam & eve hotel
Sorry but i think it looks wierd . Like a cross between a rave and a fashion show and a hint of brothal lol Definatly not a family Hotel . And what if theres a power cut ? all those lights what a waste of energy . Expect they have a generator or girater . Much prefer the 5*s on Lara But to each his own Diane
adam & eve hotel
Never been, but they have a huge bill board just outside the airport and it alway gave me the impression it was for couples only very hedonistic looking but just had a look and they do family rooms so perhaps not.

Are you thinking of staying or just curious.



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adam & eve hotel
I had a look and thought ooooo lovely would nt mind bussing it down there for a week for that promotional price - a bargain 298 Euros all inclusive then realised that was for the night!!!!


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adam & eve hotel
If Adam goes alone, Eve wud be found herself very easily. :thumbup::224xb:

And concerning the prices - u r right, hotels in Belek are probably the most expensive on the whole coast..but surely u will get the best service for the money paid:cool:

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