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absolutley disgraceful
Its because females are Mothers .. who carry a child for 9 monthe .love it care for it and in most cases would give thier life for it . And we all have a mother and the thought of any female { sub human } could do these things to a child is unthinkable . Nothing can replace a mothers love . So yes i can see why you think its worse when its a female .....Diane
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Fighting "The Beast"
absolutley disgraceful
BBC News - 'Predatory' female abuser jailed

Whilst I cant actually put my finger on why, theres something about these vile episodes which makes it seem even worse because its females involved. I am not sure why that is as as obviously they are all sub human

I totally feel the same and agree with you, sub human. Is it because females are supposed to be the nurturer it somehow goes so far away from that.


absolutley disgraceful
Will serve a minimum of 4 years? Why can't the minimum be longer to start with? How do they determine they are fit to be released?

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