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hello dear people,
I live in istanbul at the moment.
I plan to buy agri land somewhere in eagean near coast. (2000 tl/dönüm)
I mean 1-5 hectares agri land for 20k-100k tl
and I plan to do sheep farming and also farm tourism with that.

does anyone interested to go forward together?

I am 33 years old, engineer. my web site: .... (building sector)

I want to be close to nature and relax and retreat...

its a nice way of life and work i think ...

for talking detail pls sent me e-mail

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about me
Hi Deepthinking and welcome to the Forum, Am I correct in thinking you wish to invite offers from someone wishing to invest in the plan you have mentioned ??? Sorry if I have misunderstood...... I await your reply!

Sunny Seasider

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Welcome Deepthinking, hope you enjoy the forum and realise your dream, sorry that I cannot help, but I'm a bit scared of sheeps.

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