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A Turkish word a day (day 1) : Dünya
Hello all,

I have started the new series about a word a day

Today my choice is dünya, which means world

I did choose it because it is such a beautiful word, and this is something I did read along the road :

Türkiye'den dünya'ya ....... From Turkey to the world

So the suffix DEN or DAN means from (like in a direction in this case)
and to say to, you need the suffix "A" or "E", but in this case ,because dünya end with a vowel, you do have to add the letter "y" as a buffer letter

so that makes : dünya'ya

As for some other suffixes, in this case it is quiete simple

My world : dünyam
our world : dünyamız...
and also : dünyası (his world), or if you would like to say : the Türkish world : Türk dünyası
and dünyanın ..... like in dünyanın parası (all the money of the world, a lot of money)

In the wordl : dünyada ...... dünyada çok güzel şey var (in the world there are a lot of nice things)

There are a lot of combination to make with dünya but I stop here

Words I used :
para = money
şey = thing
güzel = nice, beautiful
and var , which means "there is"
Türk : Turkish ((not the language(, but the adjective, or the Turk as a person)

Any questions or reactions are welcomed .....


A Turkish word a day (day 1) : Dünya
Thanks Nadine, what do the dots mean over the 'u', is it silent, and is the end of the word like saying yaya?


Nadine in disguise
A Turkish word a day (day 1) : Dünya
Oeps Carol I do find that a difficult question....

No, the dottet ü-vowel is not silent , it is pronounced more or less like an ew sound , like in few or stew (do you know the word "gün", well it is the same ü ....)
and yes the end of the word is ya like saying yaya

For me it is rather difficult to give pronounciation guidelines, because English is not my native language, so I looked this up and I hope it makes sense


A Turkish word a day (day 1) : Dünya
Three is ÜÇ[/B]in Turkish and most of you know Turkish numbers.Saying ÜÇ will make that sound easy to use with other words such as DÜNYA ,ÜLKE(country)ÜZGÜN (sad)ÜZÜM (GRAPE).
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