a truthful turk in translation
thought id share some bits of this ''Alanya info''site written by a turkish girl. i couldnt stop laughing. :lol: .but maybe im twisted


……………..if you are looking for a quiet place on the beach, you can go by taxi or Dolmus in the " Ulas Dinlenme " which is a few kilometer outside from Alanya. The beach is nice and you can also have a barbecue one there. But don´t walk to this beach on sunday, then it´s full with grilling, playing and loud speaking turkish families.

... …….. recently one finds in several shops beautiful cans and other tableware from zinc according to Ottoman model. the most is still handmade, but just only for decoration - please don´t drink your coffee or tea out of this cans - exept you have the plan to galvanize your gullet..
One buys vegetable, cheese, olives and fruit best of Friday at the big market, also near the Dolmus railway station. Certainly, caution with Yoghurt of the village women, tastes very nicely, however, is not completely without - failure(diarrhoea) already is in there. With cheese I have not done corresponding experiences yet.
The nightlife Alanyas is notorious: to all in front the already named "harbour mile" with the discos and bars (all year round, mostly with free entry), the Turkish pop, but also international hits play. Outside there is the disco "lecture hall"("audience") ((This is reference to the Auditorium all night disco)) which offers a free bus shuttle of the harbour from. About the city centre distributes there are several bars with live music, as for example the garage bar (open air) or the boom rank, both nearby the Yeni Cami (new mosque) lain, at the other end of ataturk cad(opposite the Bank).
Also the boom rank is the whole year about a good address, Particularly on Saturdays at night the hell gets rid, at all tables it is danced. From midnight no more place often is to be agreed, however, one can reserve a table. The at the beginning already mentioned yacht the club whether at the top with live music
……would like to present two particularly beautiful bars in Castlehill here:
Both are in Castlehill and have a grand view of the harbour - however, this is already the single common characteristic .... one is far a little bit below, uphill on the left side(page) lain: the MALDAN. Here rules a cultivated atmosphere, the guests sit on several broadminded terraces distributes, depending on if whether they want to enjoy the evening directly in the barbel empire with an outstanding singer or rather in a quiet corner. Here particularly for small groups it can become a funny evening. On the lowest terrace there is a pool with lying. The prices are adapted to the level, also, unfortunately, very low - but the visit is not really worthwhile!:
The other bar calls ILKAY, is uphill on the right side(page). This bar is quite earthy and in any case "stöckelschuhtauglich", because the iron steps and the way hit in the cliff are not already quite unevenly. Small terraces care for a romatisches feeling, on some corners a bell at the table is attached to call the waiter. The owner serves himself and is really proud of his(its) wine assortment (4 different wines!!!;-)). Dinner is affordable extremely well and - like all other. Best one eats there fish. This bar is strange for a romantic evening in twos!
With a rented jeep or by taxi one can escape to one of the innumerable picnic restaurants along the river of "Dimcay" of the heat. On ankle-deep from water (coldly!!!) to überspülten terraces, tree-houses with mattresses and low tables or in the middle of the river of built pavilion one can eat trout or chicken, grill brought himself or lie simply rottenly rum and can be spoiled with tea...

A small type: the farther one in the mountains direction dam (which will be finished perhaps even irgenwann), the less "tourismuslastig" becomes the picnic space. The comfort leaves perhaps also something after ridge class toilets then one may also not expect any more, but for it it is more positive and for those which would like to experience rather " Turkish life purely ", it is certainly more interesting there.
Other trips
Who would like to see somewhat of the surroundings, direction Gazipasa should start by a hired car: the last houses Alanyas have hardly disappeared, the street becomes closer, the banana plantations reach till the street and on the right the slope drops steeply till sea.If one has after an interstop in Gazipasa (which itself does not have to offer a lot) not yet enough "landscape" seen, direction Anamur should farther go: Here the landscape becomes really breathtaking.... Much higher the street screws itself, since the sea is to be recognized only than blue glimmer right down at the bottom. Then it is in close zigzags again to the sea there ... only the trip is an experience. This distance is suitable for every sort of vehicle (out of roller), a special driving enjoyment is they(she), however, for motorcyclist. Who wants to Anamur, should consider that one can count only on an average speed of approx. 40 km/h. For approx. 120 kms one should plan at least-4 hours(lessons). Careful going is in any case angeraten: here drive a lot of TRUCK on the way to Mersin. Who does not have then yet enough, can go to Kiz Kalesi where one can visit the famous moated castle.

Buy spices best in a shop, not on the bazaar, where the spices lie several-day-long in the sun - and you easy bring beetles in your kitchen... happens unfortunately from time to time, since the spices are not treated. Therefore keep the spices at home in a hermetic box, at the best Tupperware, then the beetles sty in one spice - you won´t get them out of your kitchen
if you want to read it all the site is called ''Alanya-the unique travel guide
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a truthful turk in translation
Hilarious :)

But to be truthful, I wish I could speak/write Turkish even half as good as that.


a truthful turk in translation
Thats brilliant.... there must be so many more as well!

Merv :lol:


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a truthful turk in translation
I got a bit worried about the beetles at the end. Are there beetles in the spices and are we to keep them in the box so the beetles don't get out? If that is so, do we eat the beetles or pick them out or throw everything?

I agree with everything said above, good read and I long to reach the same standard in Turkish.

a truthful turk in translation
i should have added that she is a lovely sweet girl..newly married..and she also speaks perfect german...very clever. she has a rental agency and tours in alanya.
and yes she is right about the open spices that you see in the markets in big sacks or barrels. flies lay their eggs there..so dont buy.
i wasnt putting her english down..i just found the phrases so funny.


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a truthful turk in translation
we must share the same humour ... I could not stop giggling :)

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