I am a Turk
A treasure chest to be explored
Tourism has become one of the largest industries in the world, and it forms an important part of Turkey’s everyday life. Who comes and what they want can transform every aspect of a community’s life by changing its culture and how it regards its historic identity.

Turkey is a virtual treasure chest that offers visitors an enormous range of sites to visit and activities to indulge in. From the museums of Istanbul to the “Blue Voyage” cruises along the southwestern coast of the Aegean, from the striking monastery at Trabzon to sailing on the winds over the so-called Dead Sea with its fascinating views of the Mediterranean. The list could go on and on.

There’s no end to the magic of Turkey. Why did you come here? Just out of curiosity? Perhaps you knew something beforehand or you are here because you have friends living here or you heard or read so much you couldn’t resist since you’ve already done all the other European countries.

The country has strikingly different geographic zones, from mountains in the east to unspoiled sandy beaches in the south. You have only to choose what you want to do in this wonderful country. If you are sports minded, there are many ways to indulge yourself, with mountain climbing, skiing (depending on the season, of course), yachting, trekking, rafting and horseback riding. You name it; you can find it. If you prefer to see the many religious sites that date back to the founding of the Christian Church, tours can be arranged to accommodate your interests. If you’re interested in arts and crafts, you have only to go to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to check out what’s available in many of the stores elsewhere in Turkey – not because they’re mass produced, but because the items are part of Turkish culture. The number of museums is steadily growing, and not just in Istanbul and Ankara. Archaeological sites are being made more available as excavations continue. If you’re a gourmet, Turkish food couldn’t be better or fresher, from the day’s catch of fish or a tasty kebab to delicate, delicious desserts.

Its history is thousands of years old and, combined with the Turkish custom of welcoming and helping strangers beyond what anyone would expect, makes a winning number. There are so many things to do and see, it’s hard to think that anyone could go away unsatisfied, because they certainly won’t be.

So welcome to Turkey, one of the world’s greatest treasure chests. :)
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A treasure chest to be explored
Somebody give this man a moderators job.
Keep them coming V.W.you certainly know your stuff.
Like a arrow straight to the point bravo..these are the articles people should see.
What TURKEY is all about....
Look beyond hotels and bars..
Real culture and real people...
Looks like i am going to be awake all night reading your articles.


I am a Turk
A treasure chest to be explored
Thanks Tommy,
I am glad you enjoying. More to come, but you don't have to stay late :)


Wishing on a star
A treasure chest to be explored
You just keep expressing the reasons why we love to come back Umit, and you do it very well !


Just Call Me Ray !
A treasure chest to be explored
:cool: :cool: I haven't read all your posting yet VW but I have found the ones I have read to be as good as, if not better than reading a Travelers Guide to Turkey, they have so many interesting facts I'm now looking forward to my first visit there in June. :clap2: :clap2:

Stay :cool: out there

Ray :) :cool:
A treasure chest to be explored
i think that vwbug should quote the source he takes these aricles from..ive read most of them before on other web pages...so come on own up.


I am a Turk
A treasure chest to be explored
Here you go Shirleyann,
Sorry that you have already read this one. But thanks for your comments.
We have local News paper here is called usaturkishtimes most of the articals were taken from this news paper. I just wanted to share them with TLF members. I will make sure to include the source with my posts. Thanks for reminding me again. :)

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