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A second wave of Russians is fleeing Putin’s regime

A second wave of Russians is fleeing Putin’s regime​

For months now, Vladimir has been preparing paperwork and getting his affairs in order for a move to France.

A visa application process that was once relatively easy is now dogged with complexity, but the 37-year-old is confident that getting his family and employees out of Russia will be worthwhile.

“On the one hand, it’s comfortable to live in the country where you were born. But on the other, it’s about the safety of your family,” Vladimir told CNBC via video call from his office in Moscow.

For Vladimir, the decision to leave the country he has called home all his life “was not made in one day.” Under President Vladimir Putin’s rule, he has watched what he called the “erosion of politics and freedom” in Russia over several years. But the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine was the final straw.

“I think, in a year or two, everything will be so bad,” he said of his country.


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A second wave of Russians is fleeing Putin’s regime
Putin - what next?


The Russian president meets Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi​

"Putin is out. Dead or alive. Either way he is out. Maybe to Iran.

News reports have indicated that Putin’s recent trip to Iran may have been to arrange a hideout or bolt hole in the event he is forced to flee Russia.

Ex-speech writer Abbas Gallyamov claims that there was a secret motive for the visit.

Gallyamov said Putin may have been there to negotiate an asylum deal for himself, his family and inner circle if the war, and economic misery in Russia, turns into a full scale revolution.

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