A play with words.
Word Alternatives

Abominable – A piece of explosive swollowed by a male cow.

Tortoise – What a teacher did.

Metronone – Pixie living in the Paris underground.

Grammar – The lady married to granddad.

Footnote – The writing on the side of your trainers.

Thesaurus – An extinct monster who lives on paper.

Explain – Eggs cooked plain.

History – A boys tale why he was late for school.

Pepper – What you write on.

Capsize – How large a hat you wear.

Picallili – Pick an exotic flower.

Gruesome – Past tense of growsome.

Humbug – Insect that makes a droning sound

Meander – Me and my girlfriend.

Jabber – Prod my girlfriend.

Paradise – Two cubes for throwing in a game.

Intent – Camping.

Hyacinth – Familiar greeting for Cynthia

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