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:boohoo:I hope someone can help please.I am loving turkey,but desperate to get my fix of motorsport on t.v.
With loosing C4,british touring cars & dave,w.r.c.(via tv catchup):boohoo: I am looosing the will to,now,looking on MOTORS TV website i notice they transmit as close as greece on a system called 'NOVA'.
Is there anyone out there who knows if i could pick up this station,then i could get european rallycross,aussie V8s,wrc + more.
Waiting in anticipation of a helpful reply..........................................

regards, martin.. :car:


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pete,tv catchup found this site,saw how we logged on via sly pimp & i think cut off sly pimp,as uk tv is only LEGALLY in the uk.

Following on from my 1st post,is anyone in the uk going to be watching itv4 on sunday,which is the BTCC meeting live from thuxton 1pm - 6pm ?If you are a BTCC nut like me,& you would record onto a dvd the whole program & post to me in bodrum,i would a) be VERY grateful,b)reimburse you for costs ,dvd,postage etc.

I sit here waiting............................................martin..
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If you don't get any luck with your post why don't you try one of the bars in Bodrum or Gumbet? Many of them have the "full set" of UK channels and although they will be advertising the football (Arsenal v Boro and then Blackburn v Wigan) if there are no customers (which is likely in some at this time of year) they may switch to ITV4 for you.

peter the postie

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Right, well I'm still a bit short of info but can you use a proxy server?
I do have one decent proxy site bookmarked & also a good site that shows the type of thing you are looking for, ie motor sports, ITV channels etc.

I don't know if they are useful to you & I don't think I can post the links here, but your'e welcome to PM me.


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..hi Pete i also have a very good proxy site.and still can,t get any uk programmes:lock1: ..even bbci player seems to have gone down:lock1: is the only way i can watch uk tv..:cheers:


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Mack, I don't use proxy's. What is a "normal" one lol.

A proxy is just a "middle man" computer you connect to somewhere that passes through all your web traffic. The web browser based free proxy services (like slypimp) have a "pool" of these servers that they connect you through via their webpage, these are relatively easy to find and block.

A "normal" proxy is one where you use the browser settings to redirect your traffic through this "middle man" server, in the case of UK proxies these servers are based in the UK with a UK IP address (each PCs unique "address"). You basically send your requests for websites to them, they resend it from themselves so the ultimate website see's that the request has come from the server, not your original location.

It sounds dodgy but there are tens of thousands of proxies worldwide and most major corporations use them for a huge variety of reasons. Some people may use this to access sites only visible from within that country, like using a US based proxy to access Hulu - Watch your favorites. Anytime. For free. .....for example :)

You can get access to a lot of these in all countries for free (article HERE for anyone interested) or you can pay a daily, weekly or monthly access fee to ensure you get a reliable fast connection, a UK proxy "rental" is about £5.99 a month.

If anyone wants to set one up I have no idea so please dont PM me

Hope that makes sense. ;)
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