a french and a turk in london, visa??
Hi all,

im a french living in Turkey for 2 years with my turkish boyfriend.
We are together as a couple for almost 8 years now.
I had been seaching for a place where we could both work and live, and not too far from Paris (will have to drop there sometimes cause of my mothers sickness).

İ cant even think about living in Paris which would be suicide both for u, him and our couple.

Finally decided to go to London, cause we both speak english ( not perfectly but we can communicate) and because i thnik its a good place for him to work ( he is webdesigner), and globally for us to live.

After reading this forum a bit, i guess its not easy to have a visa especially for him, but as our situation is a bit special ( im french so to get married wont change anything i think for GBs visa procedures), im waiting some help from you all for the ones who can answer me a bit..

What are the special procedures for a couple where everybody is foreigner?
Would it change something if we get married?
How much money should we save for visa fees and bank affairs?

Sorry if u saw those questions a thousand times but id be really glad is somebody can help me..

thanks a lot and see you soon somewhere else on this forum ;)
(turkish food!!!!!!!! lol)


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a french and a turk in london, visa??
You can move there and work with no problem.
He will find it very difficult to get a visa.
His relationship with you will not change anything, I think.



a french and a turk in london, visa??
So could he work in France or would be still need a visa there as well. There seem to be different rules for different countries.
a french and a turk in london, visa??
thx for answers.

Yes the rules are different country to country..what a mess!

But, for him or for me, cant we take a touristic visa then find a job there?
Or if we can find a job before going there ( i have a couple of friends living and working in London), could it give us a working permit? ( considering that we have a paper proving this job offer).

thx in advance.

and, i forgot, to get married wouldnt make the things a little more easier?..
nobody knows about this?

iyi günler herkese ;)


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a french and a turk in london, visa??
Being married will not help in the short term because they will be suspicious. You don't need anything: as an EU citizen you can live and work anywhere.
He will not get any visa, not even a tourist visa, if they think there is any chance he will not leave. If you show a job offer he will never get a visa.



a french and a turk in london, visa??
What about if he has his own business, would that make a difference to his visa.
a french and a turk in london, visa??
to immac:
so what is the way for him to get there?..
only touristic visa??
anlamıyorum ya..
offf im starting to get really tired of all those visa procedures really seems theres nowhere to go with a turk ya!!!!!!!! damn

and last question: do u think military service undone can be a problem too?

i just dotn understand how all turkish expats did to move somewhere in europe..
we asked twice for france for touristic vis they never accepted..
i dont know about UK for touristic visas just i hope it wont be that hard.


a french and a turk in london, visa??
tiredcaptain have a look at this.

EEA Family Permit (Unmarried)

I can remember reading somewhere before that an EU citizen living in another EU country (other than their own) can apply for an EEA Permit to have their spouse/partner come and live with them for 5yrs.

ie. an irish passport holder living in N.Ireland can apply for this but not a british passport holder.

I know a few women in Belfast who have have gotten an irish passport solely to bring their turkish husbands into N.Ireland instead of applying for a normal UK visa.


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a french and a turk in london, visa??
Most immigration officers are like demi gods,like i have said in another thread.One look at the applicant and they've made up their minds in most cases.
It's really hard to get a Uk visa,they will like you to convince them you'll not stop in the Uk if you are applying as a vistor.
I think the goal post as been moved again,i think they it's points based if you are going in to look for a job.
I know how you feel cos i've been there and come out at the other side,now have dual nationality.it aint easy and it does help to have a money in the bank,a place to live just to proof you not going to be a burden on the UK government.
Here is Uk border&Immigration website,it will tell you all you need to know.
UK Border Agency | Home Page

Hope this helps.
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a french and a turk in london, visa??
and last question: do u think military service undone can be a problem too?

Yes, it could well be a problem. Not only in him obtaining a Visa to start with but he may also be refused exit at a Turkish airport, port or border crossing if he's overdue for his military service.


a french and a turk in london, visa??
My wife is an Ex Immigration Officer at the appeals court.A non EU Citizen to gain entry to the UK must prove the following and have documented evidence to prove this.If you are not attending a ' school ' of sorts then this applies although this info is six years old and may have changed. You must have a Business or job in your own country.You must own your property or provide a Rental Contract for a number of years ( I forget how many ) You must own a car which is paid for .you must have sufficient funds in a bank of your country of origin to prove that you can support yourself in the UK for the length of time that you wish to spend there.We have a French friend who is married to a Turk and after a number of years he is now a French Citizen, so it can be done.As I said, six year's is a long time in Law so check it out.

a french and a turk in london, visa??
thank you ALL really ill read all ur link tonight with bf and dictionnary ;)
to alison : it seems i need to have lived in the UK before asking residence permit..
for military we are ok until june 2010.

ian thx u too ill try to get those infos refreshed as soon as possible..

i just hope we can make it someday:slapme:

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