A Cause for Celebration.
Well 2 things to celebrate really.

Firstly, it will be exactly 10 years tomorrow that I upped sticks and moved to Kas.
My love affair with Kas started about 14 years ago and each year the pull got stronger and stronger and I was spending more and more time here. So 29th December 1999 I boarded a plane with my goods and chattels and started my new life here.
In the last 10 years I,ve had ups and downs - a long term relationship that I walked away from, owned 2 restaurants, help with the local street animals etc. etc.
I wouldn,t change a thing. Even the bad things shape us for the future.

Also this time last year I was in a bad place physically and emotionally. The chemo programme I was on was not working. It gave me thrombosis and every day I woke up feeling wretched.
The doctors suggested a new programme, without which I would be dead within 6 months. I didn,t really have much choice - guinea pig or ........

So here I am..... bright as a button (except for my recent blip), physically in pretty good shape and mentally ready to take on the world.

So I shall be raising a glass of bubbly (water) tonight and counting my blessings.

Happy New Year to everyone.

Soo x


A Cause for Celebration.
Ahh Soo, what an inspiration you are, I loved your story of 10 glorious years in Kas.
I am so glad the doctors found a new programme for you which is working, the world needs more folks like you Soo, I do hope things get better and better for you - because you deserve it.
You know Soo, you named yourself so aptly, Rainbow -
never forget at the bottom of any rainbow is a pot of gold - Enough said !!!
Keep your spirits strong Soo - You will beat this - You deserve to !!!


A Cause for Celebration.
A lovely post Soo which lifted my spirits too. I'll raise a glass to you later. I hope 2010 will continue to be positive for you.


I Love Kleopatra Beach !
A Cause for Celebration.
And what can i say to that ??? we are moaning about the weather about all the silly things in life . And theres you not moaning at all being bright and chirpy . I'm really pleased you feel a lot better and hope you continue to do so for many years to come ...HAPPY 2010 To YOU .. .....Diane


A Cause for Celebration.
Lovely post Soo and I am so glad you are feeling better in yourself - keep it up and have a WONDERFUL 2010 xx


A Cause for Celebration.
Soo even though life has been more than tough you still find time to inspire others.

Thanks for being you and may all your dreams come true for 2010. xxxxxxx


in my own clique
A Cause for Celebration.
..great story Soo ..and a great new year to you, and many more..:438qr:

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
A Cause for Celebration.
I've just read your great post Soo, now I was going to lay off the drink until New Year's Eve, but what the hell I shall certainly be raising my glass to you later, chink, chink to you. You truly are an ispiration to the many of us here, and I want to wish you all the very best for 2010 and many years to folllow for you. You are one of the many TLF friends that I have made and would truly love to meet you on of these days.

:cheers: :hug:


I've cliqued
A Cause for Celebration.
Great post Soo and an inspiration to the rest of us. I will try to be as motivated as you in 2010 and I wish you the very best of years to come.
Your signature sums it all up.
"Just because life deals you a bad card - it doesn't mean you have to play it"


A Cause for Celebration.
Great post, Soo!
And so typical of your whole philosophy on life - always accentuate the Positive and learn from the rest.
Hope 2010 proves to be a very good year for you, in every way, and would love to meet-up when we come over in the Spring/Summer.

Dave and family


A Cause for Celebration.
Soo great positive post ,hope 2010 brings you everything you have wished for -Bebs


A Cause for Celebration.
Congratulations Soo on ten years in Kas and tackling it all and your illness, with such a positive outlook. You are inspirational!
Many Best Wishes for a wonderful 2010, and many annual celebrations!
Thank you


Bolton Born and Bred
A Cause for Celebration.
Love your story and your positive thinking.
Congratulations on your 10th year, I wish you many, many more.
Here's to a positive New Year for you.
A Cause for Celebration.
Thanks everyone :)

I,ve always been a positive person. Having cancer hasn,t changed that. Probably made me even more determined. It certainly focuses the mind on the important issues in life.

Well another year is nearly done and dusted. I shall spend a few moments reflecting on the events of this year. I,ll send a kiss up to our star Pebble and then tread boldly into 2010.

Look forward, not back - you can,t change the past but you can shape the future.

Happy New Year Everyone.

Soo x

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