A BIG Thank you
Can I say a very big thank you to Sue and Ibrahim from Morgul Antik restaurant. Recently, whilst in Turkey we had a few problems concerning our property and to be honest needed pointing in the right direction.

As the saying goes - its not what you know, but who you know, and the person I thought might be able to at least start me on the right road was Sue. True to form, she sent Ibrahim off to ask a friend who returned saying he had found someone. That someone was a godsend, and sorted the problem albeit with a lot of hard work and perseverence on his side.

Problem sorted - thanks Sue and Ibrahim.

We shall be over again in September and look forward to seeing you and sampling the ice cold cider in chilled glasses - oooohhh missing it already!


A BIG Thank you
It was a pleasure to help you with your rather BIG problem !!
Glad that it" s almost sorted now
Any time we can help we will always try

PS -- love Cadburys choccy !!!



A BIG Thank you
'Any time we can help we will always try'

That's exactly what I mean and epitomises what truly nice people you are!!

Don't worry, I shall endeavour to bring some choccy - but of course it will be for medicinal purposes to help with your bad back!!!!!

So sorry, I forgot to ask previously how the back is?? I hope you are well on the mend now, but choccy will make sure!

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