5th Dalaman Culture, Tourism and Sweetgum Festival.
The Festival is between 14th August and 18th august. So many traditional things can be seen. Specially on first day Keskek will be served on the main square of Dalaman. Enjoy your time...

PS: Keşkek (kashkek) is a sort of meat and wheat or barley stew found in Turkish cuisine. The word kashkak is a Persian diminutive of kashk, to which it is related. It is documented in Iran and Greater Syria as early as the 15th century, but is no longer eaten there. Keşkek is a wedding breakfast for Anatolia in Turkey.

Keşkek is called "Haşıl" in Northeast and Middle Anatolia regions in Turkey. It is a common meal frequently consumed during religious festivals, weddings or funerals.
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