5 Star Rubbish Tip
Hi All,

We've just arrived back home after an enjoyable two week holiday in Altinkum, the only memory that spoiled the holiday was the amount of rubbish accumulating in around the resort.

We were shocked to visit the area around third beach, with three 5 Star Hotels and the new £50 milllion dollar Marina supposedly built to attract a higher class of holidaymaker, but the area was just like a rubbish tip!

It's no wonder the President was flown in and out of Altinkum by helicopter on the 19th August to open the new Marina. Had he witnessed all the rubbish in the area he'd have been shocked.
People are reporting the benefits of the new marina attracting wealthier visitors, but if something isn't done about the rubbish accumulating in the area those expected visitors won't be staying or visiting Altinkum more than once.

I would like to know if all Turkish resorts are rubbish tips?


5 Star Rubbish Tip
Talking of rubbish tips, the Yalikavak rubbish tip was burning away for two weeks this month pumping toxins into the air. When the wind changed to our direction, all you got was the stench of burning plastic and rubbish. Not sure how the fire started but assume it was not on purpose as fire engines were in attendance for days as the smoke billowed out. Horrible!


5 Star Rubbish Tip
Its not just around 3rd beach that rubbish has been dumped every where.
When we were over in July it was allfull.
Rotting rubbish left at the side of already over flowing bins.
Every thing just being dumped at the side of roads.

I know we don't pay loads of tax, but this is no good for tourist to see.
May be the council should take a look!

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