3 bed apt required asap

Have just been let down on the rental we had agreed but not confirmed so now looking for somewhere else:


3 Beds


Must accept Dogs (we have one medium sized well trained dog)


1 year

From now or as soon as available.

(Actually move on 5th Jan but can stay at inlaws temporarily)

Refs in Turkey & UK available

Deposit ready now

Many Thanks

3 bed apt required asap
i am so sorry to hear that has happened. check out the members properties on the forum. you may find something there. try not to worry. i am sure some of the members will be along to help you very soon.

wishing the very best of luck.


3 bed apt required asap

Thanks CV, I am not over concerned because I know there are loads of apartments in Altinkum/Didim & we can stay at the in-laws if need be, just be a bit cosy: 4 Adults 1 Kid & a dog in a 2 bed apt!

It's just a bit inconvenient! It's really weird but I actually had been having 2nd thoughts because although cost, location & facilities were excellent, it didnt have a proper balcony or terrace & this was niggling in the back of my mind. I kept telling myself it wasn't really important but you know what the more I think about it the more I think it would have bugged me! Or am I just the fox who couldn't reach the grapes?

Cheers x

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