1st year
Hi all,as we are open a year today we will be having live music tonight from around 9 30 all wellcome,we have now moved down stairs again,after a realy good 1st season on the roof terrace bar,

From tomorrow we will be serving sunday lunch 25tl this is by popular demand, all day from one o'clock :hungry:

hope to see you tonight sorry for short notice but have been off line most of this week.
:cheers: Jim

Sunny Seasider

Life is so precious
1st year
Hi All

Glad you've had a good 1 st season with the opening of the roof terrace and here's to many more. Hope you have a good turn out tonight, I'd be there, but unfortunately I'm back in sunny UK at the moment.

Best wishes to you all, and maybe see you before next summer, lol. I'm considering on coming out in winter.

1st year
Thanks Lesley,it was good to see you and Larry again,dont be to sad at not being here as it has been raining on and off all day. Jim
1st year
Hi Ken
Is it possible for you to highlight the Gonulcelen on "www.wikimapia.org".
I am over in January and may well take a drive out to visit if you are open.
I can see the Teldolap and Leleg but no Gunulcelen.


Bolton Born and Bred
1st year
Congratulations on reaching your 1st year milestone!
I hope you continue to be as busy over the next year, and years to come!


1st year
Happy 1st Anniversary Jim, well done, good wishes for a great night, wish I was there to join you and a good Old Northern Irish / Turkish knees up, Enjoy and here's to many many more happy and successful years!!! Sharon xx


1st year
Happy first anniversary. Wishing you success in the coming years and wishing we could be there instead of watching the X Factor. Oh well !
1st year
Hi Ken, Jim & Nazrine
Congratulations, looking forward to seeing you all next year!
Julia, Rob & the windmill girls
1st year
Thank you to every one who came on sat night,it was a fab night good to see so many faces old and new it has been a hard slog but well worth it, Jim


1st year
congratulations !!!!.
to Ken and Jim, and all at Gonulcelen, well done !!!!,
one year under your belt's, only two more !!!, then maybe you can have
a day off, or dinner with your neighbors ha,ha,

looking forward to seeing you soon !!!,



1st year
Just seen this thread as haven't looked in for a while....

Congrats U2, doesn't time fly..................

Looking forward to being there again in November, just got to find somewhere to dump the car in Bruxelles...........................:becky::becky:

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