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19 Turkish Football Matches 'Fixed'
Nineteen soccer games played in Turkey are allegedly involved in a match fixing scheme, a document prepared by German authorities to be sent to the Turkish Soccer Federation and reported by a Turkish daily has revealed.


19 Turkish Football Matches 'Fixed'
last season Sivasspor were on course to be the first team outside of the big Istanbul 3 (apart from Trabzonspor about 30yrs ago) to be first division champions. I was rooting for them all the way. Then guess what?...Beşiktaş came with a strong end of season run and secured the championship. I wonder how? This year at the half way stage Bursaspor and Kayserispor are right up there at the top. Im rooting for them both. I just wonder how much power they have in the match fixing stakes...probably not a lot.


19 Turkish Football Matches 'Fixed'
I can assure you our local team Uzumluspor was not involved

We are stuffed EVERY week cos we are crap-no fixing , just crap


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19 Turkish Football Matches 'Fixed'
N N NNNNineteen, is this one weekend 0f fixtures ?


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