"şey" a useful word
Wow Serdar, that is great fun!

I don't know what to şey

hee hee and a good way to remember it!!!!



Nadine in disguise
"şey" a useful word
Very nice Turkishturkish....

Bu şeyi beğeniyorum ...... I love it,
and I did learn some new expressions, I used to use şey only for thing, şey biliyorsun, şey !


"şey" a useful word
Şeeeeey.. It is used for "weeeell"... "hmmm." etc.

In rural areas, you hear it as "Şiiiy"..
"şey" a useful word
hi there broken baby welcome to the forum

this was an old thread and the starter took the huff about something and deleted all his posts silly

anyway the actual meaning of şey is thing
and its used much as we use it in english when you dont know an actual word or have forgotten it
eg whats that thing called
you know that thing etc
thingamajig thingamabob

its also used in phrases
bir şey değil... its nothing
hiç bir şey nothing at all
bir şey olmaz not possible


"şey" a useful word
If you go into a shop and see something you want but you don't know the Turkish name you could pick it up and ask Bu şey nekadar and you are asking how much is this thing.
"şey" a useful word
well thank you very much for that thingy bob :p


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