1. Akasya

    Royal Wedding free Zone

    Royal Wedding free zone , please . BBC weather today , where from ? " The royal Yacht Britannia " Another attack of the vapours for the blue rinse brigade . Three hurrahs . Steve
  2. Spurs

    Safe zone

    What a sad state of affairs, I hope Germany also has a custodial zone set up for any perps. Berlin to provide 'safe zone' for women during New Year's Eve celebrations | The Independent "a safe zone for women should be ANYWHERE they wish to stand or sit"
  3. suzyq

    Paris No-Go Zone Alert App

    An app has been launched in Paris warning people if they are in a so-called no-go zone and giving live alerts of sexual assaults. Dozens of people have already downloaded No-Go Zone, which is available on Google Play, and it currently has a rating of 4.3 out of 5. Its designers say the app is...
  4. B

    No-Fly zone for Syria.

    A no-fly zone for peace in Syria - Al Jazeera English Should the "West" get involved in a No-Fly zone in Syria, or would it be a "heads you lose,tails you lose" situation. The "West will get blamed for any problems that might arise regardless of what...
  5. Struggs

    Help!! Zone Alarm Update, Trashed Computer

    Last Weds. I had a zone alarm update notification, which I accepted. This update completely froze part way through. I was able to shut my computer down correctly. Restarted, it took 20mins. Zone alarm was still trying to update, which failed because it screwed my internet access up (can no...
  6. beyazbayan

    Child free zone

    Ban the babies: 70 per cent of Britons want to see child-free zones introduced on planes (and we hate drunk passengers and seat kickers too) Read more: 70 per cent of Britons want to see child-free zones on planes | Mail Online Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  7. Yildez Datca

    Datca - alcohol free zone!

    For those that haven't seen the thread on Facebook: ALL the bars and restaurants in Datca are no longer allowed to serve alcohol OUTSIDE, in the harbour, along the town beach walkway, in town etc, although those with tables on the beach can still serve it there at the moment. This is in line...
  8. P

    law changes to property in military zone

    Can anyone tell me, if you have a company for the purpose of owning a property in the military zone in Turgutreis, is there new regulation for raising your capital from 5,000 Lira to 10,000 Lira? if so what does this mean?
  9. Yogi

    Who Killed The Euro Zone?

    Interesting article from the Economist:- ------------ THERE are many facets to the crisis in the euro zone, but at heart the problem is fairly straightforward. The euro zone developed a balance-of-payments problem; some of the countries in the single currency accumulated large external debts...
  10. Hotmama

    Zone Reality Channel on Digiturk

    Is it me or has this channel gone? I was watching it on Tuesday but this evening channel 86 is missing. It's not the end of world but I have the cheapskates package & that was one of my precious English language channels. Anyone know anything about this? Tamzin XXX PS This is my first time...
  11. P

    Military zone fees scrapped?

    I was in Turgutreis a couple of weeks ago and hired a car from an estate agent in the town. He mentioned that the law of having to open a company to then purchase a property (which you have to do to buy in the Military zones) was about 2 be scrapped within the next few months. Has anybody else...
  12. J

    Property in a Commercial Zone

    We have purchased a new-build apartment in Yalikavak and have been advised by our solicitor that it is in a commercial zone so has a business place title deed and not a dwelling title deed. Does anyone know whether there is anything we need to be aware of with respect to this different type of...
  13. shirleyanntr

    best no mossies zone

    Having lived in almost every area in Alanya and also in Hatay and stayed in many other places i think i have a fair bit of knowledge about these little pests. :dance: this year has been wonderful..we live next to the Can Hospital and i can leave the windows and balcony doors open day and night...
  14. SuperBogs

    Military Zone Properties

    I was talking with a couple near Turgutreis that have a property there. They had just seen their Turkish lawyer last week and was told of some terrible upcoming changes. They were told that between the next 3 months to 18 months that anyone who has a limited company for the purpose of owning a...
  15. bodrumsjh

    New Military Zone in Bodrum

    Owners in Bodrum town may want to see the thread "Tapu Transfer - Advice Please" in the Turkish Legal Helpdesk section.
  16. Mushtaq

    Space: America's new war zone

    By Andrew Buncombe in Washington Published: 19 October 2006 The Bush administration has staked an aggressive new claim to dominate space - rejecting any new treaties that seek to limit the United States' extraterrestrial activities and warning that it will oppose any nations that try to get...
  17. V

    Buying In A Military Zone

    Hi everyone, We are looking at buying a property in Turgutreis, but some parts of the town are in the military zones where foreigners cannot buy. We are told that we can buy in a military zone if we open a turkish registered company. Can anyone tell us of their experiences of doing this, and...
  18. merlin

    Turkish PM Erdogan First Foreign Leader in Pakistan Quake Zone....

    Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan became the first foreign leader to visit Pakistan’s quake zone, a day after the UN urged the world to do more to help the disaster’s 3.3 million homeless victims before the harsh Himalayan winter threatens their survival. Turkish PM Erdogan pledged one...
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